10 Uses For Coconut Oil

My mom has been insisting I try coconut oil.

Every time we are on the phone she reminds me how good it is and how you can use it for everything. Chapped lips? Try some coconut oil. Broken Leg? Try some coconut oil. Plague? Try some coconut oil.  I’m always like yeah, okay Mom I’ll stick to my $87 moisturizer made with gold flakes and water from heaven. But since we all know our moms are right about almost everything, I figured I’d give it a try and go figure, she was right. 

My favorite brand at the moment is Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which you can grab on Amazon for about $10-$30 depending on how large of a container you buy. A little goes a long way with this! Here are some of the best ways I have found to use coconut oil.

1. Cooking: Coconut oil has a high burning point so it’s great for cooking and an awesome replacement for butter.

2. Moisturizer: Use it on your whole body, post shower and let it soak in before hopping into bed. 

3. Cuticle oil: My mom swears this has given her fingernails as strong as rocks. Just put a little on your cuticles a few times a day.

4. Oil Pulling: My dad is still a person who thinks oil pulling is making him healthier. He prefers using coconut oil over any other oil. If you’re into swishing oil around in your mouth for an obscene amount of time, try coconut oil. 

5. Makeup remover: Put a little oil on a cotton round and it magically takes off your makeup (even waterproof).

6. Hair treatment: You can do this one of two ways; either put a tiny dab in your hair post-shower or you can put a bunch in your wet hair and leave it in for a few hours. Then wash and rinse your hair. Both work wonderfully.

7. Chapstick: Coconut oil is solid to start with and melts when heated up, which makes it a prime candidate for chapstick. I like to melt mine down and put it in an empty chapstick tube and let it solidify again. Be careful though, because when this warms back up in a hot car or a pants pocket, it will melt and ruin your shit.

8. Tea: A little bit of coconut oil in a cup of tea will work to help sooth sore throats.

9. Sunscreen: Coconut oil has a natural SPF of 4. You can use it to make your own sunscreen or under normal sunscreen.

10. Coffee creamer: Creamers can be fatty and sugary so using coconut oil can give your coffee a little bit of sweetness you may be missing from a creamer. (side note: your coffee must be very hot when you add in the oil or you may get some chunks of unmelted oil floating around).

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  1. Okay, I am totally trying this to take off my almost impossible to remove waterproof mascara today! I love cooking with coconut oil and also want to try it on my cuticles – they need some SERIOUS TLC>

    1. using it as a makeup remover is literally my favorite way to use it. Makeup is SO hard to get off sometimes but I promise this will work!

  2. This is a great list.A spoonful will clean the digestive tract naturally and gently.It is really great for skin post sunburn/tan.

    1. It’s so great for sunburns! When I visit my mom in Florida she always puts it on me after a day at the beach! It’s definitely product with so many uses.

  3. It really has made my nails stronger. I sit down with my glass of red wine and apply the coconut oil to my nails and massage it in good. Putting it on my hair has made a differences…grey hair is like straw, so I decided to try the coconut oil once a month and it works.

  4. Thanks for sharing these uses for coconut oil. I’ve been making soap lately and putting it in there and it makes it extra moisturizing!

  5. Ive always heard coconut oil was great for you but I never knew exactly what it did except for it being great for your hair! Thanks for sharing this post, very useful!