I Drank 5 Boxed Wines To Find Out The Best

Box wine is no longer just for college.

My first encounter with boxed wine was in college, when a bag of Franzia was dangled above my head and I was told to slap it and chug. So began 4 long years of buying a box of wine for $11 and having it last all weekend between 3 people. You could say I was pretty burnt out on boxed wine by the time I graduated. I honestly haven’t drank it since. However, boxed wine has been coming back with class. It’s almost cool and trendy to drink boxed wine now.

So I did it, I tried 5 different boxed wines to tell you which are awesome and which are not. Let’s get to it.


Franzia $13.99


My old friend. Franzia isn’t as bad as I remember it being. I have this distinct overly sweet taste of sangria in my mouth when I think of Franzia. However, they’re Cabernet isn’t half bad. I suggest letting it breath for a hot second before you drive in.  

Black Box

Black Box $22.99


The most sophisticated packaging goes to Black Box. They are award winning wines, just in boxes. The claim is they have more money and time to dedicate to the wine since they don’t have to buy glass bottles. The wine was good, nice and bold. This will be the most expensive box of wine you purchase, but definitely was one of the better that I tried.

Bota Box

Bota Box $18.99

White wine from a box is my new favorite. I made this Chardonnay super cold and I was pleasantly surprised. The box claims it keeps he wine fresh for up to a month after opening, which I tried mine again after 2 weeks and it was still fresh. I would only suggest trying this with white wine though. 

Peter Vella Box Wine

Peter Vella $17

Just to be an asshole I bought a White Zinfandel. The Peter Vela brand wasn’t half bad. The wine was too sweet for my liking, but my people who enjoy moscato or Riesling might fancy this. I’d definitely suggest giving their other varieties a try (they have so many). 



The fanciest looking boxed wine I’ve ever seen. You will find this boxed wine at actual liquor and wine stores opposed to the grocery store. It’s the best red I have had from a box.


Let’s take it one more step.

Since boxed wine is like, so fancy now, you might as well spice up the box too. Some cool guys in Oregon have created “The Well” which allows you to slide that bag of wine inside of the well for a classier appearance. I mean you could have a box on Franzia on your counter or The Well. I think I’d prefer the latter. I mean look how great it looks. They’re all handmade from different types of wood (there is something for every decor here) and they even have a handle so you can carry it around with you everywhere. Just think of how great this would look on your counter or at a tailgate. You can check the out on Instagram

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  1. You have a fab blog – just love the layout and the pix are beautifully displayed!
    “The Well” looks awesome; too bad I didn’t see this before Christmas – there would have been a couple under the tree 🙂