Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast: Simple. Easy. Delicious.

I’m sure you’ve seen avocado toast plastered all over social media and that’s because it’s freaking awesome.

You can do tons of variations of this and here I’ve added some bacon to mine because why not. Calories on weekends don’t count.

So start with some bacon. I use about 2 strips for every 1 piece of bread.


Next, while your toast is a toastin’, mash up your avocado. I use one avocado per 2 slices of bread. I also like to use a hearty piece of bread so it can hold up to all the good shit you’re about to pile on.

PSA: be fucking careful when opening your avocado. Last year I wasn’t so careful and I cut my finger which resulted in a severed nerve, artery and tendon and surgery and physical therapy (excessive? I thought so too, but it really did help).



So just be fucking careful. My family thought they’d be funny and get me a tool that makes this process easy and to all of our surprise it works really well. You can buy one here.

So back to the avocado. I like to add chopped shallots that I’ve soaked in lime juice, salt and pepper.

Then we mash it all together and spread it on the toast. I keep mine pretty chunky because I love some different textures when eating.

Then I sprinkle with some more black pepper and then lay my bacon on top. Here I only did one piece of toast because I only had enough bacon for one piece and I’m on a budget, jah feel?

So there you go! It’s so simple and it’s such a great vessel for piling a bunch of shit on. I also like to add a poached egg on top or some sliced cherry tomatoes. Variety is the spice of life and I could eat this every freaking weekend for the rest of my life and never get bored.

NOM. Enjoy and leave me comments on other things to put on top of avocado toast!

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