Recap: The Bachelorette Week 3 & 4

Week 3 & 4 (Air Date 6.6.16 & 6.7.16)

Jordan Roger’s face explains how this weeks episode(s) of The Bachelorette have me feeling. Like, what in the world is happening on this show. Between the lack of JoJo actually being on screen and the surplus of Chad, I’m not sure if this show is even about JoJo finding love anymore. Hopefully we can get back to that aspect of the show since Chad went home (or did he?). Night one started off strong with two one on one dates for JoJo. 

First up is Chase. Chase was left out last week from all dates, making us think he wouldn’t be a front runner, but I think he is now a top contender.  It takes a certain man to be able to deal with all this crazy hot yoga bullshit. Have you ever been to hot yoga? Do you know how bad that smells? You sweat in places you didn’t even know was possible. Thankfully, Chase seems to have a sense of humor. I mean just look how he embraces his “anger-gasm”. 

His good attitude during the date paid off because he ended up with JoJo straddling him.. I mean in Yab Yum position, as they made out in an empty yoga studio. How romantic. 

James TFor a man that can sing so well, he definitely can’t dance. I thought those things kind of went hand in hand? Like if you had rhythm with singing it carried over to dancing? I don’t know. I can’t do either so who am I to say. Nonetheless JoJo and James learned to swing dance and enjoyed a romantic make out sesh after James serenaded JoJo with a song he had written just for her. *swoon*

This weeks group date didn’t exactly go as planned. First of all, it was an awkward date to start with. Who really wants to hear about your possible future husband’s embarrassing sex stories? Not me. But all in all, the guys actually seemed to have pretty funny stories (minus Dan, who said he always carries a knife with him and he used it to cut off a lock of a girls hair…) that provided some decent entertainment (thanks to the unlimited alcohol backstage, I’m sure.) 

JoJo decides to skip the cocktail party and have a pool party instead where we were hoping to see some bloodshed via Chad, but Evan just gets a bloody nose and that’s that. The rose ceremony sends home some good men (Ali, Nick B. & Christian), but not Chad.

The men then find out that they’re going to…. NEMACOLIN. OMG dream location! 

Night two is gearing up and my personal favorite, Luke, scores a one on one date where he gets to hot tub with JoJo then open up about his emotional past as a solider (God Bless you Luke). There was another group date where the men played some football and James Taylor suffered an injury, but took it like a champ. These things were all tame compared to the MOST AWKWARD 2 on 1 date I’ve ever witnessed. 


JoJo, Chad & Alex all hike through the woods to a serene spot along the river. You can just feel the tension through the TV. JoJo chats with Alex first, where he reveals that Chad has threaten Jordan and that’s the last straw for JoJo (because she obviously loves Jordan the most).




Chad then gets sent home.. but not really because we then see him walking through the woods at night and showing back up at the lodge where he gets all Freddy Krueger and starts sliding his finger nails down the door of the house. At this point, I’m exhausted from trying to keep up with Chad, but thankfully we all have two weeks to recover before we get to see the drama that’s going to unfold next. 




What are your thoughts on this? ↓

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  1. So I just caught up with all the drama but Chad is a loose cannon. He would scare the mess out of me if I was JoJo! Can they all get restraining orders on him? I would! Showing back up to the house after JoJo said goodbye is scary enough but that running his fingers down the window is seriously freakin’ scary! He’s a time bomb waiting to blow.

    1. OMG I know. I’m hoping he isn’t this crazy in real life and this is just the producers egging him on to be the bad boy, but he’s gone WAY too far. He’s great for ratings but not much else.. hopefully he goes home for good very soon.