Recap: The Bachelorette Week 5

Week 5 (Air Date 5.20.16)

After a two week hiatus, we’re back in bachelorette action.

We start with a really awkward “funeral” for Chad as the men sprinkle his protein powder ashes around the grounds of the hotel. Chad then shows up to the hotel where he verbally attacks Jordan, Evan demands his shirt and Daniel sits in the background eating his mac and cheese, taking in the spectacle. But Chad leaves and FINALLY he seems to have departed the show for good. 

Side note: how sexy does James Taylor look with that black eye during these side interviews?

The first cocktail party came early in the show. JoJo adorned another sparkly gown and sent home James F and Daniel. The rest of the men find out that they’re headed to Uruguay! I’m glad to see that they upped the vacation destination from Pennsylvania (not offense to my friends who live there). 

First one-on-one date goes to Jordan, which doesn’t sit well with any of the guys. They seem to enjoy their day diving with seals until JoJo confronts Jordan about a rumor she heard about him. Basically, Jordan’s ex-girlfriend met JoJo by coincidence in Dallas and spoke poorly about Jordan as a boyfriend. As soon as she brings this up you can see Jordan’s mind thinking of ways to talk and charm his way out of this situation. JoJo falls for his lines and is just smitten with the fact that he said he is falling in love with her. Personally, not a fan of Jordan anymore. Who else thinks he is just here for the fame?

While JoJo and Jordan are out on their date the boys in the hotel read some gossip mags (conveniently placed in the hotel – nice move producers) about JoJo being in love with her ex boyfriend while she was filming The Bachelor. Wells seems pretty concerned about it, but does Wells think he honestly stands a chance here? JoJo is forced to defend her character to the men and she tearfully lets them know she is here for the right reasons.

For the group date, JoJo takes the men sand surfing. The date seems fun in theory, but the fact that I could break a leg and I’d end up with sand EVERYWHERE, it doesn’t really seem up my alley. Maybe after a few glasses of wine I’d change my mind. However, the date is cut short due to a thunderstorm. Derek opens up to JoJo about his insecurities about their relationship which JoJo responds by giving him the group date rose, aka the “pity rose” as dubbed by Alex

The second one-on-one goes to former competitive swimmer, Robby. I’m definitely more interested in that dog JoJo is playing with than Robby. But anyways, they spend a day of cliff diving and enjoying the local culture. Robby confesses his love for JoJo which she politely responds with a “Thank You”.



JoJo opted to skip the cocktail party all together (don’t blame her) and in our second rose ceremony of the show, she sent home Evan, Grant and Vinny. All very predictable choices considering who she has left. Personally, I thought those 3 would have been gone two rounds ago, but JoJo likes men for what’s on the inside (except for when it comes to Jordan apparently).

See ya next week in Buenos Aires! 

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