Recap: The Bachelorette Week 8

Week 8 (air date 7.18.16)

HOMETOWN DATES. My favorite week of the whole season. One thing before we get into it, did anyone else notice that every single guy has the same haircut this season. Did they think if they all look alike JoJo won’t be able to tell them apart? Okay, anyways…

JoJo first heads to the picturesque Colorado for her hometown date with Chase. Chase opens up about how his parent’s divorce when he was a child which has made it hard for him to express his feelings. He also lets JoJo know she will be meeting his mom and dad separately. Chase’s Dad’s visit is more of a mini therapy session but it helps JoJo realize the walls that Chase has up. 

Mom’s visit on the other hand goes very well and Chase’s mom seems like she knows how to have a good time. Chase’s mom isn’t like a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. She loves JoJo’s laugh and that she does not like fish! In an amazing revelation we learn that Chase isn’t a robot and has real feelings! I counted two tears rolls from his eye. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.33.40 PM

Second Date – Chico, California to see her boo thang Jordan. Jordan takes JoJo to his high school so he can talk about himself and relive those glory days where he was good at football. JoJo keeps pressing the issue of Aaron not being there and I’m not sure if this is the producers or if like, JoJo would rather be dating Aaron.

Jordan’s brother Luke pulls JoJo aside to talk to her about how everything is going, but their whole conversation revolves around Aaron. Basically to sum up this whole hometown date, it was “let’s talk about Aaron and why he isn’t here and how we feel about it and how he would feel about it”. #eyeroll

These empty seats are for Jordan and Olivia.

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JoJo next heads to see Robby. Robby only broke up with his ex girlfriend 3 months ago, so it’s pretty obvious why JoJo has some concerns. JoJo heads over to Robby’s house and it turns out, good looks definitely run in the family. Robby’s mom drops a bombshell on Robby that his ex girlfriend’s roommate has been spreading some not so nice rumors that Robby broke up with his ex just to go on the show. A lot of he said she said going on, but I just don’t really like Robby. He seems like SUPER intense and creepy. 


The last hometown date takes JoJo back to Texas to see Luke. Luke just decides to throw a massive picnic for every to meet JoJo, but she seems so at ease. You can just feel the natural chemistry between them. Luke has a heart to heart with his dad and I’m not going to lie, I shed a tear seeing his dad get a little emotion. Hometown dates always get me. Luke’s hometown date gave me those good feelings like Chase’s did, but I have a feeling JoJo will go with Jordan and Robby. The girl may know how to dress but I don’t think she knows how to pick men.

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We head to the rose ceremony in a airport hanger, where the three men left will jet away on a private jet with JoJo to the next location. JoJo says in her side interview that she thinks she has to let Luke go, which is MIND BOGGLING. Luke then asks for a moment of JoJo’s time where he tells her he is in love with her, which changes EVERYTHING. The camera cuts to JoJo trying to sort out her feelings outside and then, AND THEN THEY END THE SHOW. “To be continued”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. 



I couldn’t even sleep last night with the possibility that Chase or Luke could be going home and I have to wait another 7 days to find out.

If you’re part of the bracket – there was no change in points for this week but next week will be two eliminations. 

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