Best Wines to Drink At The Beach This Summer

What could be better than enjoying a nice glass (or bottle) of wine on the beach? 

Thinking.. thinking.. nothing comes to mind.
Wine at the beach has always been a preferred choice for me. Wine contains less calories and sugars than beer and other mixed drinks do, which ensures you’ll be avoiding that dreaded beer belly. Summer is here so it’s time to figure out which of our favorite fermented grapes we’ll be enjoying while basking in the sun (with proper SPF, of course, because no one here is trying to look like a raisin).

Let’s start with the obvious candidates for drinking on the beach.


The best of the bubbly group, in my opinion. Prosecco and Champagne are often confused due to many similarities but the short answer for their differences is Champagne is from France and Prosecco is from Italy. Prosecco is made with its own grapes called “Glera” grapes and is far cheaper than Champagne, around $12 for a good bottle. Prosecco’s flavors include green apple, honeydew, pear, honeysuckle, and vanilla which pairs nicely with fresh fruit, aka a great beach snack.

My pick: Prosecco DOC Treviso – This is one of the best Proseccos I’ve tasted this summer. It’s light and crisp with a slight hit of acid. It’s no wonder that I loved it so much because this bottle of wine is made by the award winning vineyard, Astoria Vini. They are the largest private producer of Prosecco DOCG in Italy. 4 generations strong, the Polegato Family have really perfected the art of Prosecco. Not to mention even their bottle design has won awards for being the best. 




Rosé is the quintessential summer wine. It’s light and fruity, not to mention it is a beautiful color. Typically, Rosé will have the flavors of strawberry, honeydew, rose petals, citrus and rhubarb. However, this can vary depending on the grapes and method used. Just last year the United States consumed 279.4 million liters of Rosé, coming in second behind France who consumed 516.6 million liters. New York City (not surprising) consumes 20% of all of the imported rosé and men and women enjoy this wine equally! Rosés can be incorporated into mixed drinks, wine slushies or straight up. I personally enjoy Rosé in sangria (I make a killer strawberry Rosé sangria!). 

My pick: Whispering Angel – The perfect summer rosé. I’m pretty sure every house in the Hamptons has a bottle or two laying around. It’s delicate and fruity on the nose. You could drink this all day and night.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 8.06.03 PM




Easily my favorite white around, Riesling is filled with lime, green apple, orange and jasmine flavors. It is a super fruity and super acidic wine which gives it that crisp “ahh” factor. Germany is known for making the best Rieslings in the world and they’re relatively cheap! $10-$15 for a good bottle. You can try freezing green grapes to use as ice cubes to keep this wine cold. Once the grapes thaw they’ll absorb all of the wine and be a tasty treat to enjoy once you finish your glass! Bonus, the grapes wont dilute your wine.

My pick: 2010 Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Riesling – A Riesling made in California that tastes just as good as one made in Germany? Sign me up. This Riesling is fruity and smooth and is best cold.



Pinot Noir

This light bodied red wine is perfect for summer sipping. Its dominant flavors include cranberry, cherry, and raspberry which would go just great in a sangria filled with cranberries, cherries and raspberries. Pinot Noir comes in different styles but the main three are a rosé, a light red and a sparkling version.  A fun fact about Pinot Noir is that the grapes used to create this wine are extremely hard to grow, which makes finding an excellent bottle of Pinot Noir hard. Wine lovers live for the hunt of finding that amazing bottle! There is a whole movie called “Sideways” dedicated to this addiction! Unfortunately this also creates a stigma of snobbishness around Pinot Noir, but don’t be that guy.

My pick: 2015 Pacificana Pinot Noir – This wine is still pretty young but drinks very well. It has a nice taste and smell of red fruits but its perfectly balanced with a nice oak taste. Definitely a beautiful light red to be enjoying this summer.





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    1. I hope you enjoy them! You’ll definitely love the prosecco if you like bubbles! It’s definitely light and a touch of fruit! SO good.. i drank the whole bottle 😉

  1. This is such a great post! I love wine and am always looking for advice on what to try next! I tend to just find a pretty bottle that if affordable (so cheap). Haha! I can’t wait to try all of these!

  2. I’ll take one of each please! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for some of these, they all sound yummy. And I love that they are under $20!

    1. The whispering angel rose is definitely vegan, unsure about the other ones but I’d be more than happy to check it out for you!