My Birthday Wish List

Well guys, next week I’m turning 25.

A quarter of a century. It makes me feel old af. I thought at the age of 25 I would have accomplished more in life. I’m a Virgo so naturally I had a list of things I wanted to have completed in my life so far. Now that 25 is only 5 days away, and I have only accomplished 2/5, I’m feeling..different. BUT the good and beautiful thing about life is that it’s constantly changing and our goals and dreams morph and change as we discover more about ourselves. I may not have the master’s degree that I was hoping for but I have this amazing blog and new career opportunity, which I never would have imagined at 21. 

In other words guys, life is cool and amazing and I’m not as scared to turn 25 as I thought. 

Okay, okay, enough of this feelings thing, lets talk about presents.

The good thing about my birthday is I always buy myself something I’ve been really wanting. This year I’ve wanted so many things, but most of them have been for Chel Loves Wine. Things like a new camera, tickets to fun wine and food events and of course wine, wine and more wine. However now I can pick up something else that’s just Chel related.  

These are the items on my birthday wish list. What is your favorite item on the list? 


P.S. – Make sure to follow me on snapchat (@chelloveswine) to see all of my weekend birthday activities! 

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