A Broken Cork – What Do You Do?

Have you ever had the cork break in your bottle?

It’s honestly the worst thing in the world. You are so excited to crack open that wine and then boom, the cork breaks and you don’t know what to do. 

One time this happened to me so I just broke the bottle and strained the wine through a cheese cloth to get rid of the glass fragments. Didn’t really work but I drank the wine anyways. Worst idea ever. I do not advise this method.

First, if this happens just try to get the broken cork fully out with a corkscrew. In the rare occasion you do not have one, give these options a try.


The Screw & Hammer Method

You’ll need: a super long screw and a hammer

Take the screw and screw it far enough into the cork where it’s secure. If you feel the cork moving further into the bottle, stop applying pressure and make a small hole for the screw to go into. Once you have the screw in the cork, use the backside of the hammer (just like if you were removing a nail) and slowly pull the cork out of the bottle. Viola!

The Knife

You’ll need: a flat knife, small enough to fit in the top of the bottle

Insert the knife about 1 inch into the cork. Make sure you do not insert the knife in the center because it’ll make it hard to get the most out of your turns. Turn the knife while simultaneously pulling up until there is enough of the cork to be able to grab with your fingers and pull the rest of the way out.

Push It In

You’ll need: Yo fingah’s and maybe a towel

Make sure the cork is clean of debris and just push it into the bottle. You can then strain the wine into a separate container to ensure you do not have any floaties or junk it in. 

Give It The Boot

You’ll need: a hard sole shoe and a hard surface

(please proceed with caution as this can lead to breaking the bottle)

Place the base of the bottle into the shoe and carefully hit it against the hard surface. You want to make sure you do this slowly and in a rhythm almost. The motion in the ocean (the bottle) will slowly push the cork out of the bottle. It’s like magic, unless you break the bottle (don’t do that shit. I take no responsibility in your actions).

I hope this helps solve any future broken cork issues in your life. Good luck & God Bless friends.

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  1. These are fantastic tips. I had this happen to me once – granted I was er… a few drinks to the wind so I did what any normal girl would do. Cry (hey a lack of wine is a very sad thing) and then asked the husband to fix it. Don’t remember what he did – but now I know that there are a few tricks that I can try. (If I am not a few drinks to the wind…)

    Thanks again Chel!

  2. Hahaa! This might be my favorite blog post in the history of ever! One time my hubby and I broke two corkscrews trying to get into a bottle of wine. He resorted to using his power drill! Desperate times call for desperate measures friend!

  3. I have never had a cork break before coming out. Gosh I can’t even imagine your first scenario, I’d be desperate for my drink by then 🙂 I’d probably resort to the push in method without even thinking, so these are great tips to know!!

  4. Great tips! This has happened to me many times and it is so frustrating! More often than not I just push the cork into the bottle, but then you get chunks of cork in your wine… ugh.