Budapest: Amazing Wine, Amazing City.

Budapest is one of the coolest cities in the world.

I know you think you can say that about a ton of cities, but have you been to Budapest yet? I was only there for a short 3 days (I could have stayed for a week easily). You could say this city is the best of both worlds because on one side of the Danube you have old school Buda and on the other side you have the new kid Pest. 


You all know I was obviously drinking wine when I was here. But did you know that Hungary produces some of the best wines in the world? They’re known for their wine called, Tokaji. Tokaji is a sweet white wine that is usually made from grapes that have Noble Rot

There are 4 main wine producing regions in Hungary; Eger, Tokaj, Villány and Somló. 


There is SO MUCH to do in Budapest. I was only able to do a handful of things due to time constraints. Check out this list of somethings I did do (and will do next time!)

& here is just a bunch of photos I took while we were sight seeing. Tag me in your photos of Budapest! I’d love to see them! 


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