Bulgarian Wines Are Taking The World By Storm

Ever heard of wines from Bulgaria?

Yeah, me neither. That is until I was gifted a beautiful bottle of Bulgarian wine from a friend. It turns out that Bulgaria is currently the #10 top wine producing country in Europe. Impressive! Bulgaria is a beautiful country (or so I’ve seen from google images) that lies on the west side of the Black Sea. If you don’t know where the Black Sea is, Bulgaria is south of Romania and north of Greece. 

There are 5 main regions in Bulgaria that produce wine.

  • Danube River Plains (Blue Region) This region has around 30% of the vineyards in the country and includes three sub-regions, Eastern, Central, and Western.
  • Black Sea Coastal (Green Region) This region has around another 30% of the vineyards and includes three sub-regions as well which are the Northern sea coast, Internal sub-region, and South sea coast.
  • Valley of the Roses (Red Region) Located south of the Balkan Mountains this region spreads the sub-Balkan region with its two sub-regions: Eastern sub-region. It includes the Sungurlare Valley which mainly grows “Red Misket”, designated for the production of dry and semi-dry wines. Western sub-region. It includes the Rose Valley.
  • Thracian Valley (Yellow Region) It includes around 35% of the vineyard massifs and is characterized by a moderate continental climate and good distribution of precipitation during the vegetation period.
  • Struma River Valley (Purple Region) is the smallest region but it has some specific climatic features which are very similar to the Mediterranean regions. We all know how great the wines from the Mediterranean are! 

Each of these regions has their own unique characteristics that create amazing wines. The main types of wine being produced Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling and Muscat. 

Here are ten different Bulgarian wines I’ve tried. All 10 of them were unique in their own way and delicious. My favorite ones are in bold. If you’re looking for additional tasting notes and tips on these wines, please leave me a comment below and I’d love to discuss! Enjoy friends!

  • Viognier (do you remember how to pronounce this one?), Cote de Danube, Danube Plain 2015
  • Chardonnay & Muscat Otonel, GEA, Neragora Winery, Thracian Valley 2013
  • Riesling, Le Photograph, Minkov Brothers, Thracian Valley 2011
  • Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon & Chardonnay, Bijoux, Logodaj Winery, Struma River Valley 2015
  • Tamianka, Single Vineyard, Bratanov Winery , Sakar, Thracian Valley 2015; 
  • Pinot Noir & Melnik , Bergule , Valla Melnik, Struma River Valley 2013
  • Cabernet Franc, Le Photograph, Minkov Brothers, Thracian Valley 2014
  • Merlot & Syrah , South Sakar, Bratanov Winery, Sakar , Thracian Valley 2013
  • Merlot & Mavrud, ARES, Neragora Winery , Thracian Valley 2013
  • Melnik, Orbelus Winery, Struma River Valley 2013
  • Melnik, Nobile , Logodaj Winery, Struma River Valley 2013
  • Marash Red Blend, Marash Winery, Thracian Valley 2012

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  1. Thank you for the awesome post Chel ! I don’t really have favourites out of this one but I really like the wines you mark. How is the Riesling ;))? I really like the Tamianka as well since the wine offers such a mixer of herbal, mineral, flowers and fruit together.

  2. The best, according to me, is MAVRUD. It is old grapes, which come from very ancient times. It is autochthonous from the time of thracians.Try it.