6 Ways To Drink Tequila

Tequila and Cinco De Mayo go hand in hand.

I stopped going all out for Cinco de Mayo after I graduated college because let’s be honest, it is not acceptable to be binge drinking tequila at 12pm in your bathing suit in Central Park (I mean it could be but that’s a discussion for another time). 

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Cocktails For Family Gatherings

Easter Cocktails: For when holidays with the family can be tough.

My family is usually pretty good about not bothering me about my job, love life, finances, living arrangements, etc. but sometimes they just feel the NEED to tell me what they think and that’s where booze comes to my rescue. (please note I only support binge drinking on Thursday-Saturday and holidays.. and sometimes Wednesdays.)

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Green Drink

I promise this doesn’t taste like dirt.

Green drinks get a bad rap for their taste. Dirt is not a desirable flavor I personally look for in my food. However, the health benefits are out of this world.

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