Looking For A New Champagne? Try Champagne Lecomte

Champagne, the beautiful gift from the French.

A quick recap for those who may get confused, champagne is from France, prosecco is from Italy and cava is from Spain. Now that we’ve got that clear, we’re going to talk about champagne today.

Champagne is this beautiful, bubbly liquid that we often use for celebrations and joyous occasions. However, champagne (well at least in my opinion) is becoming the drink of choice for any occasion. A glass of bubbly with my shrimp scampi? Sure, why not.

I was introduced to a new champagne that is just making its way into US markets, Champagne Lecomte. I want to talk to you guys about this champagne for three reasons; the history behind this family owned winery, the taste and the price.


This champagne comes from a family owned winery in Vinay, France (right outside Champagne) that really values the traditional method of champagne making, which I appreciate. Lecomte was started by Jérôme Lecomte, a lumberjack living in the Champagne region of France. His son married a wine making family from Vinay and the rest is history. Today, Lecomte is run by the 5th generate of Lecomtes. 


I was able to try the Blanc de Blanc and the Rosé, both were exceptional. The Blanc de Blanc is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes and was light, florally and crisp whereas the Rosé was everything you’d want and more with generous flavors of strawberries and raspberries. Both champagnes are made in the traditional method. I would suggest having both of these as an aperitif or to enjoy when you’re home alone and just want to treat yo self.


You guys know I would never tell you about something that wasn’t a good bang for you buck. As you may know, champagne is traditionally the more expensive option of the bubbles. This champagne comes in at just under $45, which is a great deal. You can get cheaper champagnes but they will not have the same quality that this one has. Quality is worth the extra $$$.


This year in Chicago, the Lecomte family will be attending the A La Carte, which is an initiative started 3 years ago by the Consul of France for the Midwest. The goal of this initiative is to promote French Gastronomy and the Arts of the Table. The Lecomte family is the Gold Sponsor of this years event. The first two years, Möet was the sponsor of the Champagne bar at the launch event but this year, it will be Champagne Lecomte Père & Fils. You can find out more about this event here.  Additionally, this year Master Chef David Baruthio was named Brand Ambassador for Lecomte Père & Fils. 

Alright guys, go out and buy yourself some champagne because you’re worth it. You can also check out a fun little video from Lecomte below! 

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  1. We will definitely have to try this since champagne is so much fun. I love how festive it makes everything feel even if it’s just my husband and I sipping a glass on a random Tuesday night! 😀

  2. Not much of a drinker, but if someone offers me a glass I would not refuse. Either way, this looks delicious.

  3. There is always something to celebrate, even if it’s just the end of a stressful day. I always like to have a good bottle (or two!) of champagne on hand. Thanks for sharing this list, I’m definitely going to check these brands out.

  4. Love my wine and have just come back from tastings in Bordeaux and Rioja on my last holiday! Champagne is my favourite though but the price tag is not! Love a great affordable one so thanks for this!

  5. You can’t beat some good bubbles on a celebration. I love that you started off with the difference between Champagne, Prosecco and Cava! I used to go to Reims (Champagne region) and Burgundy when I was little (and not drinking anything), they’re such pretty areas.

    Ellie | http://www.scotchandstilettos.com