The Best Champagne for New Year’s Eve

I’ve been drinking champagne for days.

To me, champagne and Prosecco (along with other bubbly wines) are meant to be enjoy in the company of family and friends. That in itself is means for celebration. Since New Year’s Eve is this weekend, I figured I would throw out some suggestions for a good bottle of champagne to enjoy. 

Personally, I like to spring for 1 nice bottle of champagne to start the night off right. I figured that I deserve a nice glass of bubbly to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. I then move onto the cheap stuff for the rest of the night because champagne is NOT cheap and I can’t afford to be sipping Dom Pérignon all night. 

What is your favorite champagne? Let me know in the comments!

Over $100

Dom Pérignon 1998 P2 ($350)

2006 Dom Pérignon Champagne ($180)

Perrier Jouet Fleur de Champagne ($140)


Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label ($55)

Champagne Drappier Carte d’Or ($50)

Under $50

Bollinger Special Cuvée ($45)

NV Pol Roger Brut Réserve ($35)


And you know what, say all you want about André but I love it and it’s cheap and gets the job done. Judge away haters. ($8)


But on a serious note, everyone do me a favor and have a kick ass New Year’s. 2016 has been ROUGH for many of us (RIP Prince, Princess Leia and David Bowie) so let’s all just get super drunk with the people we love (or the people you have to tolerate because you’re at a mutual friend’s party and you have no choice) and end 2016 on a high note. 


Peace, love & wine.

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