Chel Loves Rosé: My Top Picks

Chel Loves Rosé

As I’ve said before rosé is the ultimate summer wine. It’s one of the fastest growing wines consumed in the United States and if you’ve had it, you know why. Not only is the color amazing, but it pleases most palettes with its subtle fruit flavor, without being overly sweet. 

Here is a quick overview on pink wine from our friends at Wine Folly.



Here are my top 4 favorite rosés for 2016. Remember, a good rosé does not cost a lot so each of these bottles falls below the $25 mark. I promise come this fall I’ll get off my rosé kick and teach you guys about something other than pink wine.

2015 Whispering Angel Rosé

As I’ve said many times before, Whispering Angel is a go to. It is so fresh, crisp and clean with notes of strawberries and peach. This brand is a go to in the Hamptons and most recently was infused into gummy roses from Sugarfina and I made delicious strawberry rosé cupcakes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 8.06.03 PM


2015 Miraval Provence

This beauty is from Brad and Angelina Jolie’s Vineyard in Provence, France. This is the most expensive bottle at around $23, but it is totally worth it. I enjoy this bottle ice cold as it has a really beautiful acidity to it. I mean if it’s good enough for Brad and Angie, it has got to be good.



2015 Summer Water

I’m a huge fan of Club W so I was all over this when this when they teamed up with @yeswayrosé to create Summer Water. It is made from pinot noir grapes and has a great cherry flavor. If you want $20 off your Club W order you can click here. Get yourself some Summer Water. 



2015 Cote de Rose Rosé

The bottle is just as cool as the wine. The bottom of the bottle is an actual rose. So for all of you that buy wine based on a pretty bottle, definitely pick this one up (that’s the only reason I tried it in the first place). It has an amazing pale pink color that turns into more of a copper hue over time. 

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    1. Wine is my favorite! It’s so much easier to drink than a mixed drink in my opinion. I hope you get to try some of these and enjoy them!