The Coolest Italian Wine: Pasqua Passimento

We all know that Italy makes some amazing wines.

But now, one of the best wine makers in Northern Italy has released a new trio of wines in the US that raises the bar.

Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine (Pasqua Winery) has launched their Passimento line and I was able to give all three wines a try. These wines are made in ever so romantic city of Verona, Italy. Does this city sound familiar? That’s because it’s where the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet took place. 

Pasqua designed their wine label for this brand around “Juliet’s Wall”, where lovers go to write each others names. I’m not sure if they could have encompassed the city in a better and cooler way. 

The Appassimento Technique

The awesome thing about these wines is they’re made by the “appassimento technique”. This technique is unique to Pasqua wines. In this process, the grapes are hand harvested and left to dry in wooden trays for varying amounts of time (depending on the grape). This allows a certain percentage of the moisture to leave the grapes which gives them a higher concentration of sugar. Both the red and white wines share this method. The Romeo & Juliet prosecco shares the same branding as the red and white wines, but its made like a traditional prosecco.
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 7.11.08 PM

Pasqua Passimento Rosso

It’s nice to taste a really well balanced red blend and that is what we have here. This wine is made from 40% Merlo, 30% Corvina, and 30% Croatina grapes. There is a great taste of berries and some spices. I had this wine with a burger topped with aged cheddar and let me tell you, it was BOMB. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 7.11.27 PM

Pasqua Passimento Blanco

A gorgeous white made from 100% Garganega grapes. There are great notes of citrus in that give it a crisp feeling and a touch of sweetness from peaches. It’s extremely well balanced and so good nice and chilled. You can literally pair this with anything and it’ll be good.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 7.11.18 PM

Pasqua Prosecco Brut Romeo & Juliet

This prosecco is made with 100% Glera grapes and is fruity and so so refreshing. It’s not overly sweet. I recommend saving the cheaper prosecco from mimosas and just drinking this one solo. I drank this for breakfast on my birthday and it paired surprisingly well with eggs, toast and sausage. #bubblesforbreakfast  


My favorite part about these wines? They’re all under $20. Just because I’m still on the budget of a 21 year old (even though I’m far from 25), doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice the taste of the wine I buy. You can pick up the Pasqua Passimento line in Trader Joe’s around the country or on


The wines for this post have been provided by Pasqua Wines. All statements are Chel’s.

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  1. You had me at “wine and a burger” HAHA! But I seriously love me some wine ….I have a glass everyday…..(i know that sounds terrible) Now I have to run to trader joes to grab one of these!

  2. Hi Chel, any winery that makes Amarone would be using this drying process (apassimento). It is unclear which Venetian producer was the first to utilize this process, but the first Amarone wines appeared around 1950. Some top producers would include, Masi, Bertani, Allegrini among many others. Hope this is somewhat useful