Drinking Wine Might Actually Be Good For You

So, drinking 3 glasses of wine every night is good for me?

Well, not necessarily. Recently, I have been seeing tons of articles claiming that wine helps you live longer, wine helps you lose weight, drinking a glass of wine is equivalent to going to the gym. Some of these seemed pretty outlandish so I did my own research on the real health benefits behind red wine.

What I came up with was pretty convincing. There are many different reasons why wine should be your go to drink. First of all red wine contains resveratrol which is known to have tons of health benefits. Many beauty products are made with resveratrol due to its benefits. Wine also is full of antioxidants, even more than açaí juice and blueberries. 


Wine is ridiculously low in calories and carbs compared to other alcoholic beverages. Just check out this chart which shows how low in carbs wine ranks. Under 5 carbs per serving for dry reds and whites! So that means wine fits perfectly into my low carb diet. YAS. Studies also show that those who have a glass of wine for dessert instead of actual dessert tend to weigh less and sleep pretty. Double yasss.
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If you’re looking to break down which wine runs lowest in calories this chart from Wine Folly shows which type of wine will have the least amount of calories. Keep in mind these calories are based off of ONE 6 oz serving (which is not what we typically pour ourselves at home. Guilty as charged). “Light Alcohol Dry White”, like a Pinot Grigio comes in 1st for the least calories. I guess this makes sense as to why that’s all the real housewives drink. 

If all of these weren’t convincing enough for you to make wine your drink of choice then there may be no hope for you. When you have something so delicious AND good for your heart, skin, mind and body, I’m not sure how you could drink anything else. Also, the next time someone tells you to cut down on your wine drinking, just show them this article and keep on drinking. 


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  1. Love the infographics! 😄. Red wine is also less acidic than white wine (a dental hygienist’s 2 cents). Good reference post:-)