Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sometimes getting things for our Dads can be really difficult. 



My Dad is one of the hardest people in the world to buy things for. Thankfully, after many years of practice, my brother and I have gotten it down to a science. My dad likes few things in this world, his family, his dogs, golfing and whiskey. So we just focus a gift around one of those and it usually works out well. 

If your dad is a wine, whiskey, or beer loving man, I’ve got some great and inexpensive suggestions for you! But you’d better order quick because Father’s Day is on Sunday. Yes, you heard me right, this Sunday. 

1. Stainless Steel 5 Piece BBQ Set – $38

2. 28 Bottle Wine Cooler – $184

3. Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit – $64 

4. 7 Piece Mixologist Set $25

5. 9 Piece Whiskey Stones – $36

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  1. The wine cooler is a really awesome idea! I definitely know some dads who would love that. Plus, brewing your own beer is a cool opportunity for dads to own their unique beer creation.

  2. My step-dad LOVES wine, and like most, he’s so difficult to buy for. I think it’s a specific dad trait. Lol.

  3. Great ideas! I find dads so hard to shop for, especially mine since he seems to own everything because he just buys what he wants lol. Love the craft beer kit though.

    1. Mine too! He always is coming home with whatever he wants and we’re past the macaroni necklace phase of life here so it’s super hard! Lol

  4. Guys in general are so hard to shop for! They see something they want and they get it immediately… leaving me with no good ideas for when holidays come around. These are great ideas!