Hangover Help: Does The “Hair Of The Dog” Really Work?

Having a hangover is the worst.

I mean, we can’t complain too much because it’s self inflicted, but I’m always on the hunt for any way to make it suck less. Last week I posted an Instagram asking all of you to let me know what you do to sooth your hangovers. I got some crazy responses. Everything from yellow gatorade to essential oils and weed. Apparently, there are a lot of ways to help your wine flu. I’m going to dig into my favorite responses I got and see if they actually work. (Please note that everyone is different and responds differently to things so I am totes not responsible for any remedies you try!)


First, why do we even get hungover? Alcohol is a diuretic (hence why we pee a lot when we’re drinking) and this causes us to become dehydrated. The dehydration causes our headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and everything else that comes with a hangover. As you stop drinking and your blood alcohol content (BAC) comes back down to 0, your hangover symptoms get more intense, almost like a mini withdraw. 


When I say Gatorade, that’s a pretty broad statement. A lot of you told me about your liquid of choice that helps you out. We had yellow Gatorade, Pedialyte, chocolate milk, coconut water and more. Basically the key here is hydration. Booze dehydrates you so anything with electrolytes in it will help bring you back to life faster. I am a personal fan of coconut water due to it’s high concentration of Potassium and B12 which are both key in curing hangovers. 



Now that weed is legal in a bunch of states, you can totally use it to cure your hangovers. Marijuana is used for medicinal purposes for tons of different aliments. Everything from cancer to anxiety. It turns out its also very helpful for hangovers as well. Weed has the ability to reduce nauseous and increase appetite, which in turn can help with that hangover. 


This was an answer I wasn’t expecting to get but it makes sense. A lot of people I know rely on their essential oils to help with anxiety, sleeping at night, stress, etc. According to the internet (which is always right.. right?) the oils that could help you out the most during your hangover are Grapefruit, Juniper, Rosemary, Sandalwood and Lavender. 


A personal hangover cure of mine is greasy food. A bacon, egg and cheese (BEC for you other New Yorkers), french fries, thai food, anything with a little grease and some fat content it good by me. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to show that greasy food helps a hangover. If you are planning on greasy food, it is best to eat it while you are drinking to help slow the absorption of alcohol into your system. In the morning, try a banana instead. 


The good ol’ hair of the dog. Does it really work? Technically, no. Drinking more alcohol when you’re hungover doesn’t actually help you. Like we stated before, your body is going to be hungover until all the . So by drinking more, you’re just prolonging the hangover. Granted this option definitely makes you feel better even if it is temporary. Sometimes you have to take what you can get, am I right? 


Oh and obvi don’t forget sunglasses and Advil. 

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  1. omg. i used to bounce back from hangovers in a few hours and be ready to go like a normal functioning human being. now that i’m older, i’m out of commission for like…. 2 days. Now when I have a SUPER RARE night out with friends, I make sure for every drink i take – i drink water with it. yes I’m going to the bathroom A LOT, but i think i’m hung over and feeling dizzy because i’m dehydrated the next day. I also make sure to eat greasy food. the next day (if its the summer) I like to sweat out by the pool and drink lots of water, shower, then not be bothered for a while. granted, this only works when i’m hanging with my parents so they can take care of my kids while I fix my hangover LOL

  2. Man I could have used these suggestions after St Patricks Day! That was an epic hangover 🙂 I agree having another drink is probably the worst thing you can do!