The Health Benefits of Wine

Health Benefits of Wine 

Hi there! Mary Ella here from Mod Med. I am partnering with Chel and her awesome wine blog to talk about the health benefits of wine. As a current med student with a background in science, I have learned a lot about the health benefits of wine.

Drinking 1-2 (8 oz) glasses of red wine a night can actually be really good for your health! It has been shown to improve memory, prevent Alzheimer’s, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and actually increase your metabolism. However, 1-2 glasses per night is the key. Any more than that and you erase any health benefits you might have gained. This is because your body has to work overtime to get rid of the alcohol, leaving no energy to reap the benefits of the wine.   

So why is red wine good for you?

It contains a very high concentration of antioxidants, specifically resveratrol. This amazing molecule is found in the skin of grapes, which is why red wine is generally better for you than white wine. The darker pigment of the red skin is packed with more antioxidants. Also, white wine skins are usually removed during the wine making process, leaving less antioxidants in the finished product. 

Antioxidants are essential molecules that prevent the formation of free radicals in your body. So why not just a resveratrol pill? Well, drinking the wine actually helps you absorb the antioxidants a lot better than if you were to consume them in pill form. I also would have to argue that the bliss that comes from sipping on a glass of delicious red wine is therapeutic in and of itself.

Another interesting health benefit of wine is that it can actually increase your metabolism! Basically, it promotes the upregulation of mitochondria (the part of the cell that is responsible for metabolism). Increased metabolism means you can burn more calories than you normally would, eventually leading to weight loss.  

So go ahead and pour yourself that glass of wine. You are doing your body and your mind a huge favor!


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  1. My grandmother drank a glass of red wine each night, and was healthier than many people half her age. It may have not been the only reason, but it probably was a pretty big contributor to her good health.