Here’s What I’ve Been Drinking This Summer

Summer has been so wonderful.

I’ve been traveling here and there, trying this and that. It’s been a lot of fun so far. Summer is always a big drinking season for me (I mean, all of them are but more in the summer than not) and I am always on the hunt to find new beverages to share with you guys. So it’s not excessive drinking, like some of you may think, it’s market research. Alright, enough chit chat, here is what I’ve currently been drinking/obsessed with/curious to try. 

White Claw Hard Seltzer

These have been a go to for day drinking lately. They’re like 110 calories, 5% alcohol and go down really easy (which can be dangerous so be aware). I’m a personal fan of this particular brand because they have the best flavor I’ve tasted. These aren’t overly sweet so they’re a winner in my book. I also hear Truly is a good brand, but have yet to try it. UPDATE: I’ve had Truly and they’re fucking delicious.

Chenin Blanc

Yeah, I know. You’re sick of hearing about my love for Chenin Blanc but I love it and it’s been my go to white wine this summer. They’re affordable and delicious and pair so nicely with a ton of foods. It’s also nice to switch it up from the constant stream of rosé we encounter in these summer months. 

Bulgarian Rosé

Obvi I’m still drinking endless rosé but I’ve been branching out from your traditional Provence rosés and trying some new ones, from Bulgaria. They’re a little more bold than a french rosé but have similar flavors. You’re going to get that strawberry, watermelon, spice, minerals and acidity. Basically everything you’d want in a pink wine.


Cider is usually a fall thing for me but been all about dem lately. They’re a super crisp and refreshing alternative to wine. I’m a die hard fan for the Wölffer Wine Cider (seen above). I prefer the white over the rosé but both equally kick ass. Plus the packaging is so Instagram friendly. 

Rosé in a can

Okay, any wine in a can has been on my radar lately. I made this video about some canned wines I liked (or didn’t like!). Wine in a can is just really great for on the go activities. I just take one with me for the train ride :home: from work and it’s like the greatest thing in the world. 

Alright homies, let me know what you’ve been drinking down below. I’m always game for some new suggestions! 



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  1. These all sound amazing! I’ve been really into cider this summer too. And I tried a rose the other day that I really liked. Now I can’t remember what it was. I may have to try a can next!

  2. am all over fruity cider in the summer… and mulled cider in the winter, I just love cider! My go to other than wine… and gin… oooh I love a gin too….