A Hidden Gem: Oregon Wine Country

West Coast is the best coast.

I think that’s what they say. I’m from the east coast so I can’t really attest to that statement being true. However, I do know that the west coast has some of the best wine in the whole country. I mean 90% of the wine in the United States come from California. I think that’s a pretty good stat.

The Hidden Gem

California may be the top producer of wine in the United States but if you take a journey a little further north you’ll come across a wine region ever increasing in popularity; Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Willamette Valley stretches for 150 miles down the Oregon Coast and 70% of Oregon’s inhabitants live inside the valley. Oregon currently produces about 8 million gallons of wine a year, which makes them the fifth largest producer in the United States. I think the 600 wineries they have might help in fulfilling that number.

Here’s a map of Willamette Valley so you can see exactly how awesome this region is.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 9.47.38 PM
Willamette Valley Winery Map

My Current Favorite Oregon Wine

Rainstorm Vineyard
Rainstorm Vineyard

Rainstorm Wines are the perfect example of the quality of wine that can come out of Oregon. Not only are the labels on these bottles SO COOL (because let’s be real here, we mostly buy wine based on what the label looks like) but the wine inside is amazing. So far I have tried their Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, but I’m still on the hunt for the rosé, because we all know how I feel about pink wine. 

Anyways, I really enjoy both the Pinot Gris and the Pinot Noir. The Pinot Gris is made from hand picked grapes grown right in the Willamette Valley. They are then fermented at cold temperatures which produces a smooth and acidic white wine. Let’s just say when I opened this bottle, I drank it all in one night. It was a huge hit. I’m not a huge fan of Pinot Gris either (I’m literally the only person I know who feels this way) but this particular kind went down smooth and had nice flavors of pear. It was really freaking good guys. 

The Pinot Noir is made from grapes from both the Willamette and Umpqua Valleys. Each valley has different climates which produce different characteristics in grapes and when combined they make a complex and flavorful Pinot Noir that is smooth on the palette. Since I am a red wine lover first and foremost, I’m particularly judgey on red, especially Pinot Noir because they’re a more difficult wine to create, but once again Rainstorm did not disappoint. 

So let’s recap

Oregon is amazing and you should go there to get some of the best west coast wine around. Rainstorm has a kick ass Pinot Gris and Pinot Nori. Oh, wait did I mention they are only between $14-$17. Yasssss. You can buy Rainstorm Wines to try for yourself here


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  1. Oh my goodness! This looks so dreamy! I want a trip here! Anniversary trip, maybe? Rainstorm wine sounds so amazing and the price is so incredibly awesome, too!

  2. Who knew!! I love traveling and visiting different vineyards. It’s always fun to see what different wines taste like in different places 🙂

  3. West Coast is the best coast ;o) I haven’t been up to Oregon yet, but I am definitely going to be looking for some wine when I do venture up that way!