How To Find Cheap Flights

Finding cheap flights is my calling.

I think in a past life I was travel guru or a discount finding queen, because I live for finding discounts on travel. Traveling is something that I love to do and wish I could do multiple times a year, but lets be real here, I am 24, I live in New York City, I have enough student loan debt to make me consider unethical side jobs and my salary is nothing to write home about. This all means that in order to explore our great, big beautiful world, I’ve got to do it on a budget. ( I hate the word ‘budget’ almost as much as the word ‘moist’).

Finding the best deals can be a lot of work, but since this is 2016 and everyone is in search of a deal, there are different websites that can ease this process for you. Sites like KayakCheap Air and Expedia can show you the best deal on multiple different airlines and the best dates to fly. Kayak has a great tool that lets you see 3 days before or after your anticipated departure/arrival date to see what fares are the best. 

Here are some basic tips that I’ve learned in my never ending search for the lowest fares.

Tip #1 – Book on Tuesdays; 3:00 pm EST if you want to be specific. Tuesdays are typically the day when the sales for the week start.

Sunday (1)

Tip #2 – Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly while Friday and Sunday are the most expensive. Try to schedule your trip to leave on a cheaper day. 

Sunday (2)

Tip #3 – Small inconveniences can save you a lot of money. Connecting flights and going through larger airports can save tons of money when booking. 


Tip #4 – Join rewards programs or get a travel based rewards credit card. I am a member of Expedia and the more I book through them, the more points they give me, which turns into money I can get off my trips. I recently just booked a 5 star hotel in Slovakia for $50 a night. I’d say that’s a win in itself.


Tip #5 – Set travel alerts to know when you’re flight prices drop.  Most travel sites have the option to get a daily or weekly email sent to you with flight prices. This can help you see when might be a good time to book.



So, good luck to all my fellow travelers! May the flight prices be ever in your favor. 



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  1. thank you for the tips!! I am looking for a bunch of flights right now and this is what I needed!

  2. I LOVE this!!! I’m planning on doing a lot of traveling this year so I will definitely be using this! I love benefit programs/cards – I recently opened a Capital One Venture card and made a few big purchases and already have close to $500 in airfare credit! SO amazing!!

    1. hahah! You totally should! I find that it works 80% of the time but sometimes you find those random flights on a friday that are too cheap to pass up!

  3. These are some great tips! I am always looking for deals when it comes to travel! I am definitely going to have to use some of these when booking our next trip!!

    1. I’ve never flown SouthWest but I’ve heard good things about their fares! I’m a JetBlue kind of girl though!

  4. Great tips Chel! I always try to book on Tuesdays and use a good variety of sites to compare and contrast. I still need to look into rewards programs!