If Wine Was Your Boyfriend…

If wine was your boyfriend, what kind would you date?


If your boyfriend was Rosé you might see him in a bro tank and chubbies, sitting outside by the pool in the Hamptons. He would probably use to the words “dude” and “totally” a lot. You could say he would be classified as a Bro. This type of boyfriend is best to be enjoyed while he’s young, they don’t age very well. #brosé

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If your boyfriend was Moscato, he would be sweet and sensitive and love to have fun. You could find him with his shirt off most of the time and enjoying every aspect of life. On the downside, he is so sweet that it might give you a headache if you hang out with him too much.

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If your boyfriend was Pinot Grigo he would be one classy man. Suit, tie, glass of wine in hand. You’d probably find him at the country club or playing a round of golf. You could say he might be a little full of himself. 


If your boyfriend was Cabernet, he would be perfect. Maybe I’m a little biased on this one but he would be smart, bold and leave a nice taste in your mouth. One of these bad boys would be best enjoyed after he’s aged for a couple of years. 

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If your boyfriend was Pinot Noir, he would be so sophisticated. You would enjoy traveling, relaxation and the finer things in life. He’s expensive and sometimes over rated, but overall he’s a pretty good pick.


If your boyfriend was Chardonnay he would be that low key attractive man with a heart of gold. Imagine a lumberjack holding a teddy bear. He’d be there for you on happy days and bad days, when you’re happy or when you’re sad, basically whenever you need someone. 

Photo Credit: @menandwine

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