January Favorites

Shit I really liked in January

Here I am coming to you live from my living room with a glass of wine and a bunch of products I really liked this month. I believe the vlogger types refer to this as a “favorites video”.

So lets start off strong with my first fave – the wine I’m currently drinking. So listen I’m a lover of wines, but if we recall I’m a broke AF 24 year old and I need to get drunk on a budget. So in comes Michel Torino Malbec Cuma Organic 2014. I get this from my local wine store for about $12 and bonus points because it’s organic (let all us basics rejoice). Malbec is a type of red wine that comes from grapes grown in Argentina and sometimes South West France. This wine is described as “A great dry and medium bodied Malbec with exuberant blueberry and plum flavors. . . minty and spicy character full of tarragon, eucalyptus and rosemary.” Aka it’s pretty freaking good for $12.


Next up is a super affordable drug store foundation. I’m a ride or die Sephora chick but this stuff is pretty awesome. After a few beauty vloggers gave it the thumbs up I figured I’d give it at try. It’s the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. For only being $16.99, this foundation feels like that $42-should-be-made-of-gold Sephora foundation you have to buy every 2 months. I use a damp beauty blender to apply and this shit stays on all day and it super moisturizing. My skin is as dry as a desert in the winter and this keeps it dewy ALL. DAY. LONG.


Speaking of makeup – third on our list is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. Jesus that’s a mouth full. I know I’m late to the game with this product because I feel like it’s a cult classic but it is amazing. It is super light and super hydrating. I go two shades lighter than my skin because I really like to get my drag queen-esk look going on.


I’m usually not a big lip color kinda girl, I think I already draw enough attention to myself with my words that I do not need to enhance that anymore by wearing lipstick. With that being said, Kylie Jenner has unfortunately influence me into trying some of these mauve, 90’s grunge colors she has been sporting. I picked up the Colour Pop Lippy Stick in the color Aquarius. This has a creamy feel to it and its super hydrating. It is a bit runny unless you get the lip pencil as well, which really holds the product in place. But overall, I can drink my glass of wine and this shit still looks flawless so I’m going to chalk it up as a win.

cushionPolaroid Cameras. They are honestly the coolest thing since sliced bread. I’m sure they were invented before sliced bread. Nonetheless I was gifted the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 a couple months ago and I’m obssessed. I take this everywhere with me because being able to hold a physical photo is way cooler than something on my iPhone. Only downfall is you get one try to get your photo right and film can be expensive. I hope one day I can show them to my kids as proof that I once was cool and didn’t have wrinkles.



Last item – Adele 25. Like, do I honestly need to say more? If you haven’t listened to this album in its entirety then just stop reading and go get yourself a copy. Everyone loves Adele. My mom shed more tears when I gave her Adele tickets for Christmas than she did when I was born (according to my Dad).


There you have my January favorites. Let me know what you guys think of these products and leave me some suggestions on things to try for next month!

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  1. Omg I’ve been wanting to try that loreal foundation for a while! I’m gonna go pick it up this weekend for sure! Great post please check my blog out, I’m just getting started.