How To Keep Your Wine Cold At The Beach

By now I’m sure you’ve gone to the beach once or twice.

If you haven’t, I am so truly sorry and suggest you find some sand and a body of water ASAP. I’ve been to the beach twice so far and both times I’ve brought some wine along with me. Unfortunately, I keep running into this issue where I can’t finish my wine fast enough (I swear this is not a common experience for me) and it is getting warm. Since it’s 2016 I assumed there were some products out in the world that would help me solve this issue and I was right like always (just ask my boyfriend).

First this first. You should treat your beer like wine, meaning that some of the same ways you keep you beer cold, will work for your wine as well. 

A cooler full of ice is the obvious first option to keep wine cold. Our cooler is usually too full for a big wine bottle so I found this great little bag. I used these this weekend when I was at the Pinknic. They hold ice and are perfect for carrying your wine in. You can get some from Amazon for $9.


The second option is this icicle looking object that is meant for beer bottles, but would work equally as well in a bottle of wine. It keeps your drink cold without adding any extra water like ice would. The Chillsner Corkcicle sells for $18.


We all know about a beer koozie, but how about a wine koozie? They wrap perfectly around your wine glass and work to keep your hands dry and your wine temperature regulated. You can get them here.


These are my three favorite ways to keep my wine cold. What do you guys use when you head to the beach? I’m always up for more ideas. 





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