You Should Own These Wine Glasses From Lolita

I’m obsessed with wine glasses.

I have more than the normal person should have, but that’s because I like a glass to match every mood I have. Sad day, I have a sad wine glass to drink from. The Bachelor is one, I have one for that. Happy day, got one for that too. Feeling fancy? Got one there too. 

So now you’re probably thinking you need to enhance your wine glass collection and I have just the place.


Designs by Lolita is this super fun company that makes beautifully designed glassware. Each glass is painted with whatever theme you pick out. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the “Dragonfly”, “Best Friends” and “One In A Million” glasses. They are a thing of beauty and super functional. 

Each glass comes perfectly packed in a cylinder container that is just as fun as the glass itself. But my favorite part of these glasses are hidden on the bottom. On the bottom of each glass is a custom drink recipe. Each glass theme has its own recipe and they all contain wine (yas!). Down below I’ve shown you how to make the recipe from the Dragonfly glass! It’s a fun combination of pomegranate liqueur, champagne and white wine. So delicious and refreshing, which makes it perfect for springtime. 

If you want the recipes that come on the other glasses of wine, you can buy them here. Do it, I know you want to. 


This post was sponsored by Lolita. All thoughts, opinions and content are my own.

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  1. These wine glasses look great and I love that they come with a drink recipe too 🙂 Also, if you’ve got friends around, it’s easy to tell who’s glass is who’s!