March Favorites

My March favorites show me one thing: I officially have spring fever. 

I recently chopped my hair off and now I actually have to get up and style it everyday, which also means I’m washing my hair less than norms (don’t even bother saying “ew gross” because I don’t want to hear it). I’ve become dry shampoo obsessed and I have fallen in love with Dry Bar’s Triple Sec 3-in-1. The three-in-one is a volumizer, texturizer, and dry shampoo, which solves all my hair problems. It also smells amazing, like I’d use it for my perfume if it was socially acceptable.

triple sec

Since this past month the temps have been rising (hallelujah) I have been glistening a little more than norms on my walk to work. So in attempts to ward off looking like my face melted I started using Make Up For Ever’s Mist & Fix. I definitely was not feeling this at first but it turns out I was just spraying too much of it. It makes all of my powders set into my skin and keeps everything in place. Just a side note: cover your eyes when you spray this because it will make you eye makeup run. 

mist and fix

4 years ago, I got to go to a birthday party in Ireland for the lead guitarist of a band called Little Green Cars. Ever since then I’ve been a loyal and loving fan to them and I always catch their show when they’re in NYC. They just put out a new album called, “Ephemera” (which means things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time) which is pretty awesome. You can listen for free on Spotify or on their website, where you can also check out tour dates. Tickets are cheap and they are awesome. Imagine a slightly moodier, Irish version of Mumford and Sons.  

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.53.00 PM

Lastly, I’ve mentioned this wine before in my Club W recap but I actually opened it up and it’s delicious. This is the Chanchito Cabernet from Club W.  It opens up really nicely and has a nice spicy flavor. Definitely recommend it and if you’d like to try it click here for $20 off your first purchase with Club W. I’ll also pay for your shipping if you order 4 bottles! 

Chanchito Cabernet Sauvignon


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    1. the dry shampoo is life changing. I took 6 inches off my hair so now I actually have to do it! Annoying sometimes, but that product helps! And i hope you like Club W! I love it