My 4 Favorite European Cities To Explore

Who here doesn’t love to travel?

I was bitten by that damn travel bug a long time ago and it left me with a daily urge to quit my job and become a gypsy. I fight this urge because I have to be semi-responsible (ugh) but I do take trips when I can. Next week I head off to Europe for 10 days with this guy named Peter, aka my boyfriend.

This upcoming trip has inspired me to list out some of my favorite European cities to explore. Europe is chock full of history and different cultures. It’s really a spectacular continent. That is saying a lot because the last time I was in Europe was to study abroad, which means I was drunk 87% of my stay there. Spectacularly, I still came back to the states in awe of how awesome Europe was. So without further ado, here are 4 of my favorite European cities. 

Dublin, Ireland


I may be a little biased, but Dublin is my favorite city in the world. I lived there for 6 months in college when I studied abroad. There is nothing more magical than this city. From the food to the people to the atmosphere, you will have a happy heart and a killer hangover when you leave this city. I suggest you visit Trinity College, The Guinness Factory (aka St. James Gate), St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Grafton street. 

Florence, Italy

Chel Loves Wine

Florence is so beautiful. Not to mention you had endless options for pizza, pasta and gelato at your disposal. When you head to Florence make sure to check out the Duomo, Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio, and Porcellino, the bronze boar fountain that rumor is, when you rub its nose and make a wish, it’ll definitely come true. 

Madrid, Spain


I’ve only been to Madrid once, and it was for a mere 48 hours. However, when I was there I got to experience a lot and Madrid is a beautiful city. Make sure you get some beers and paella, take a stroll down Gran Via and check out the Prado National Museum. 

Munich, Germany


Munich is just straight up awesome. I’m like 12% German and can say about 10 different works in German, so basically this place is the motherland (lol jk the real motherland is Slovakia). Munich has amazing castles, beer, Oktoberfest, beer and more castles. Pretty amazing country eh?

Are any of these your favorite? What’s your favorite city in Europe? Let me know in the comments!

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