Never Lose Your Glass At A Party Again With The Wine Glass Writer

How many times has this happened to you?

You set down your half full glass of wine only to realize it’s now lost in a sea of other half full wine glasses. This happened to me so often that I feared setting my glass down anywhere. I would hold on to it all night and that is NOT ideal for a party. You need two hands to party. Am I right?

Thankfully, we have this cool little invention called the Wine Glass Writer. It’s a pen, that is able to write on wine glasses. The simplest solution with the best outcome. You can now write your name on your glass, so you never lose it, and then just wash it off when you’re done. 

The Wine Glass Writer is the first of its kind. It works on SO many surfaces. I used it on my wine glasses, to mark which cheese is which on my charcuterie board, on my dip containers – possibilities are endless. It is also a mother/daughter run business which I always love supporting. The best things can come from working with family. 

So, I threw a little party at my house. I set up this cute little bar area which had all my glasses, bubbly and a jar full of Wine Glass Writers so that everyone wouldn’t lose their glasses all night. Bubbly is not cheap friends! Honestly, some of my friends got a little carried away with doodling on their glasses with all the different colors. Let’s just say we had some really creative glass designs after a few bottles of bubbly went down. Adult arts and crafts! 

I know what you’re probably thinking too, either A – these wipe right off or B – they don’t wash off easily. But if you think either of those things, you’d be wrong. It takes a minute for the ink to dry and it stays on all night long until it comes into contact with soap and water, so washing it is a breeze. 

I pre wrote on some of the flutes so that everyone would know we’d be celebrating New Years – just incase they forgot. Alcohol makes you do that.

I feel like every wino NEEDS this in their life so here’s 10% off on your purchase of Wine Glass Writers.

Use code wgwloveswine2 

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  1. Such a great idea! Love the idea of having tons of colors and letting people personalize their glasses themselves. I’m a dork, but that sounds like fun to me! 😉

  2. What a great and cute idea! I have those wine glass ornaments around here somewhere, but can never find them. Definitely love this, especially for the holidays!