Organic & Biodynamic Wines – What’s The Difference?

Organic & Biodynamic wines. WTF is the difference?

In case you have been living under a rock, organic products are EVERYWHERE. Everything from food and drinks to shampoo and deodorant, there is organic items everywhere (side note, I’ve tried organic deodorant and that shit did NOT work. I was a smelly bitch that day).

Some people are turned off by the thought or organic wines because then can be cloudy or have a different taste than a traditionally made wine would have. I personally enjoy trying them out because 1) they’re from smaller wineries and I always love to support small businesses. 2) I get enough chemicals in my system everyday from living in NYC, the last thing I need to do is be drinking them too and 3) organic and biodynamic wines need to be consumed at a young age (due to lack of preservatives) and I’m all for drinking a bottle as soon as I get my hands on it.

Before we jump right in, when you’re buying any of the wines below, be on the look out for these groups on the label.

What is Organic Wine?

Organic wines in the USA are wines that are made with organically grown grapes and have no added sulfites (sulphur-dioxide). To be clear, it is impossible to have wine without sulfites. So when you’re like, “I’m drinking this sulfite free organic bullshit wine from California. It won’t give me hangover”. That is untrue. There are still sulfites in the wine, just no added ones. In Europe, the wines can still be labeled organic even if there have been some added sulfites. 

What is Biodynamic Wine?

This may be my favorite wine type to talk about. Biodynamic wines follow a strict spiritual and agricultural method and the idea is that everything in the universe is connected. In terms of the vineyard, that means that man, the vines, the soil and the stars are all connected and all must be appreciated. This is all based off of ideas from Austrian philosopher named Rudolph Steiner.  

Vineyard Highlight: Punset

photo from: Punset Website

Punset Winery is bad ass. Back in the 80’s, Marina Marcarino, the daughter of the owner took it upon herself to start using biodynamic methods on their wines. She was one of the first people to do this and everyone pushed back against these techniques. From what I hear, everyone was telling the owner that his daughter was going to ruin their vines and the winery itself. But ol’ daddy had faith. 

Now Punset uses biodynamic methods in the vineyards and even the cellars. Their motto is “let the vineyard speak”. No chemicals, no pesticides, solar panels and bomb wine is what’s coming from this Italian winery.

So go buy yourself some Punset or talk to your local wine guy/lady and have them suggest one for you to try! Would love to hear what you picked up!


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