Pizza + Wine

Pizza isn’t a food group? Weird.

I always thought it was. I mean I live in New York City, land of the best pizza in America so naturally I eat 1-2 (4) slices a week. Beer used to be my go-to beverage choice with pizza but little did I know that wine is actually the better option. Depending on what toppings you go with, there is a wine to compliment and ~enhance~ your pizza eating experience.

I’ve covered most of the typical pizza combinations below, but if you’re that guy who just puts weird shit on your pizza, easy rule of thumb is if you have dark toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage) pair it with a red wine and if you have light toppings (fruits, pesto, cheese) pair it with a white wine. SIMPLE AS PIZZA PIE.



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  1. I love this! Yes, when we are in Italy, they totally pair wines with the type of pizza! And pizza should totally be a food group, I mean, it has everything in on dish! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is awesome! I’ve never thought of what wine to pair with pizza but now that I have this, I won’t have to think about it! I’m totally craving wine and pizza now.