The Sectional Every Wino Needs From Apt2B

As some of you may have saw on my Instagram stories or on my Twitter feed, I️ MOVED!

Not like a big move across the country or anything, just to my first apartment with Pete! Exciting things happening over here. But back to moving. Moving is literally the most stressful thing ever. First, I️ had to split all the things I️ own with my roommate (divorcing a roommate is so hard and sad!), then I️ had to pack, move, unpack. You get the picture. It’s never easy.

However, the perks of moving are you get to design a brand new space and make it all your own. I’ve designed Pete’s and my new space to be cozy, causal, modern and the ultimate place for entertaining guests. I have a ton of wine nights at my apartment (sometimes with just myself *shrug*) so I needed furniture that could withstand the constant use and would fit my esthetic.

Enter Apt2B. I chose to buy my Scott 2 Piece Sectional from Apt2B because all of their products are made in the USA and they take the time to hand make every piece of furniture. I placed my order and within 3 weeks my new Scott 2 Piece Sectional was delivered to my door with their white glove service (which is free!). I decided to test out their new performance fabrics which are adult wine spilling friendly aka me. This fabric is also kid (boyfriend) and dog friendly!

The performance material comes in 5 different shades. I went with the “Performance Marlin” which is like a navy/denim color. The fabric is super soft and easily vacuumed for any debris on it. It’s also wine spill friendly, which means right after I took that above photo and spilled my wine, I just wiped it right off the couch. The wine beads up on the fabric and doesn’t get absorbed into the fabric. 

When I buy a piece of furniture I want it to last me for a long time and sorry IKEA (I still love you) but you just don’t do that anymore. I’m positive this couch is going to be with me for a long time, even with a boyfriend and dog. You can look at the vast selection of furniture they offer here! Enjoy friends!

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    1. They’re a really good company that makes really good furniture. I was so impressed on how it got delivered and the quality for the price. Definitely would recommend working with them!

  1. I haven’t bought a new sofa in years! But I know it’s time for a new one. I will keep this company in mind as my family is very messy when they come to visit lol. Your space looks amazing btw!

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