Wine Stained Teeth? Try This Teeth Whitening Kit.

My red wine drinkers out there are fully aware what wine does to our teeth.

It stains them. It also stains your lips and tongue and sometimes your shirt when you get a little too tipsy and spill it on yourself.

The quick fix for purple teeth is just to give them a quick brush or use a “wine stain” removing wipe, but overtime, the stains tend to build up and you’re left with a less than white smile. No one wants that. So the obvious thing to do would be to get your teeth whitened. But most at home products are ineffective and the dentist is SO expensive and I’m obviously on a budget so that’s not going to happen. So what’s a wineo to do? 

Smile Brilliant 

Smile Brilliant is honestly the only at home whitening kit I’ve found that works because it’s a high quality product you’d find at the dentist, but with the convenience and price of an at home treatment. You can buy the kit online and they ship it right to you. You then have to make your impressions (total time of like 10 minutes) and then about a week later you have some awesome whitening trays sent to you that are made specifically for you. 

Step 1 – Making The Molds

First things first is creating the impressions for your trays. This was honestly the most fun. You combine the blue and white puddy together until they’re fully mixed. You then fill the tray and stick it in your mouth for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Then have these super cool molds of your teeth! Be ware, you’ll definitely drool a lot while waiting for these to harden LOL. 

Mix the two puddys together until fully combined 
Fill the tray evenly
Presto! Molds of your pearly whites

Step 2 – Whitening Your Teeth

After you send in your impressions, the lab makes your clear whitening trays and sends them back to you in a super convenient carrying case. 

The case your trays come in
Whitening trays

From here, it’s pretty simple. You fill the trays with the either the whitening gel to whiten or the sensitivity gel to help with any tooth sensitivity. 

Empty whitening tray
Applying the whitening gel
The tray after it’s been filled with whitening gel

The trays are then put in your mouth and left in anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. How long you whitening depends on your level of sensitivity. Personally, I have sensitive teeth so I only did it for 1 hour each time and followed my whitening session with the sensitivity gel. The best part is you can do anything you want while you’re whitening. I painted my nails, wrote some content for Chel Loves Wine, showered, cooked… basically everything except working out (because I don’t do that anyways). 


I started seeing results after the first session, which was amazing. Looking at the before and after photos now makes me so self conscious on how discolored my teeth were. I guess if I’m going to love wine I’m going to have to love Smile Brilliant as well. 

BEFORE (left) AFTER (right) (6 sessions for 1 hour)



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