Sometimes I Drink Beer…

I may be Chel Loves Wine but it should be more like Chel Loves Booze.Enjoying alcohol while keeping in line with my physical and personal goals can be a really hard balance. How many times have you been like “I’m not going to go out to dinner tonight because I’m eating healthy” or “I’m not drinking tonight because I’m trying to lose weight”.

I’ve been there, said that SO MANY TIMES. But I’ve learned that there is this awesome thing called balance. It involves making some hard decisions here and there but it can be totally worth it in the end.


The main hard choice I run into when I’m living my life is what do I drink? Wine? Beer? Liquor? Usually I rule out beer first buttttt I’ve found a way to add that back into the mix too.
Michelob ULTRA. Michelob Ultra only has 95 calories and 2.6 carbs per beer. It’s the ultimate lite beer. I mean I could have 4 of those and only be at 10.4 carbs. That’s less than one candy bar or even like an apple. A standard beer has about 10 carbs in it alone so I think your decision is pretty easy here.


Michelob ULTRA wants you to stay motivated to live your best balanced life. They have this awesome (free) sweepstake you can enter at They are partnering with organizations like Class Pass,, CrossFitSolace in NYC and more to bring ULTRA fans the motivation to stay true to their health and fitness goals this year on.
I love Michelob ULTRA for more than just their waistline friendly beer.
They’re also a brand I really respect for their message. They don’t believe in the D word (diet, duh) and they encourage everyone to live a life of balance. Balance with your food, booze, friends, family and in life overall.
Balance is key. I personally relate to this. As most of you know, I work a full time job, plus Chel Loves Wine which comes with late night working, events, traveling and lots of booze ;). Sometimes I just want to come home and have an ice cold beer and I’m able to do that with Michelob ULTRA without feeling any guilt.
For official sweepstakes rules see here. Must be 21+ to enter and sweepstakes ends on 5/5/18!

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