5 Spring Nail Trends

Spring Nail Trends aka throw away the black nail polish.

Lol JK DO NOT DO THAT! Just put it aside for a few months. You can have it back in September. Spring is officially here (kinda) so went to our favorite nail salon, Vanity Projects, in NYC to check out this springs hottest nail trends. 

First trend is pastels – obviously. Who doesn’t love a pastel mani? 


Super cute for spring!! #handpainted by @macokwsk #Maco #gelnail #nailart #VanityProjects

A photo posted by Vanity Projects (@vanityprojects) on

Second up is negative space. You can put any design you want in negative space, with the coolest being shapes, letters and lines. My fresh new mani encompasses both of these trends because two is better than one. 

I mean it looks like little baby birds are going to hatch out of my perfect robin’s egg blue mani. If that doesn’t say spring then, quite frankly, NOTHING DOES.


The third spring trend is another shocking one, florals. Miranda Priestly said it best, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

But florals are pretty great, I mean just check out these ideas:


. 🌷🌼🌸💐💞 . . #Maco#NYC #Handpainted #VanityProjects

A photo posted by Maco Kawasaki (@macokwsk) on


LOVE my new @libertylondon inspired set #handpainted by @superflynails #gelnail #nailart #VanityProjectsMIA #VanityProjectsSS16

A photo posted by Vanity Projects (@vanityprojects) on

The fourth spring trend that I’m loving right now is matte nails. I mean, I’ve been doing this for months now but I will forever keep mattifying my favorite shades to make them even cooler. Personal favorite colors to make matte are gray and navy but the possibilities are endless. 


Matte coffin #acrylicnails #handpainted by @yayoxo2 #gelnail #nailart #VanityProjects

A photo posted by Vanity Projects (@vanityprojects) on


@yayoxo2 flexin some #mattenails #gelnail hot pink!! #handpainted #VanityProjects

A photo posted by Vanity Projects (@vanityprojects) on

 The last spring nail art trend is tie dye. I think we can all agree that retro is once again, cool and tie dye is popping up everywhere. Like honestly, I’ve seen it on bathing suits, underwear, nails, macaroons, EVERYWHERE. So hop on the groovy bandwagon and get yourself some funky fresh nails like these ones..


@nailsbymii #MiMi #handpainted #gelnail #nailart #VanityProjects

A photo posted by Vanity Projects (@vanityprojects) on


@theeditorialnail #Gracie #handpainted #gelnail #nailart #VanityProjects

A photo posted by Vanity Projects (@vanityprojects) on

Go out there and get that fresh spring mani! Tag me in your photos so I can see what great manicures you get!


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Spring Nail Trends

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  1. I love the way pastel polish looks. I often have a difficult time letting go of it year round. I just think it is more flattering and makes your fingers and nails look longer.

  2. Tthis looks so nice! I wish I could do this!! I just use a colour and top coat!! Not much of an artist when it comes to nails. Great post though!

  3. I have only recently discovered black nail polish!
    I like the pastels so may be persuaded to switch:))
    Thanks for the ideas.


  4. I’m not much of a pastel girl until spring comes around and then I can’t get enough!