You Need To Try These Tequila Brands

For those of you who know me,

You know that in addition to wine, I LOVE Tequila. It is one of my most favorite liquids. If we had to make a list of my favorite liquids it would be like: 

  1. Wine
  2. Water
  3. Tequila
  4. Gingerale

I believe you should drink tequila year round, but all of you non-tequila lovers really only drink it in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. So here I am, bringing you a bunch of different tequilas to try that will hopefully make you a year round tequila drinker. 


Randy Gerber, George Clooney. Need I say anymore? Okay, I will. I am sometimes skeptical on celebrity alcohols, but this tequila is made with love and time. ($55)


 I went to a lovely tequila tasting at Pure Liquid wine shop in the Oculus in NYC (check it out if you’re around) and this was the tequila of the day. I drank it warm and was amazed at the amazing vanilla notes this tequila has. Our bartender also whipped us up a marg of just agave, fresh lemon juice and tequila. Deadly. ($55)


Classic Patron. It’s delicious and crisp and worth the money. I don’t think I have to say much more about this classic brand. ($60)


We all love our man Jose, but instead of going for Jose Silver or Gold, give Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver a try. A great value and makes a mean margarita ($31)


Alright friends, go eat your tacos and drink your margs and give tequila a chance! It’s more complex and delicious then you may think! Cheers!



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