Wölffer Estate Has Made Rosé Cider

Do you remember Summer in a Bottle?

If you don’t, you can check it out here. It was one of my top rated rosés last summer and I have no doubt that it will be in my glass this summer as well. 

Summer in a Bottle is created by the King of Rosé himself, Roman Roth. Roth is the sole wine maker at Wölffer Estate which is located in the Hamptons. Wölffer Estate sits on 55 acres of vines that produce the wines we know and love. When Roth spoke about creating these ciders he said, “We strive to make quality products that reflect the care with which they were grown and the nature of the place they’re from. Sourced from New York’s most meticulous growers and made from fresh-pressed apples with no artificial additives, our ciders have a purity and elegance that is undeniably New York.”

But, just when you think Roth can’t do any better than Summer in a Bottle, he does. Enter in Wölffer No. 139

Wölffer No. 139

So what exactly is No. 139? Well, glad you should ask. It’s cider, rosé cider. There is also a white cider. It tastes just a like a cider but with a subtle wine flavor. It’s also cooler than any other cider because they come in packaging cool enough for anyone to be seen with. 

Besides the taste of these wine cider hybrids being A+, they are also gluten free (yass hunni) and easy to take with you anywhere due to it’s super chic and functional carrier. Close your eyes for a second and go on a journey with me. Imagine a nice, warm sunny day; maybe 74 degrees with a gentle breeze. You head to the park (or beach or wherever makes you happy) with your friends. You set up your blanket, pull out some amazing organic, gluten free, fat free, low carb salads and crack open a refreshing cider from Wölffer Estate. Oh! and look, they come in a 4 pack (genius idea), just enough. I think it’s the making of a perfect day. 

You can pick these up at Whole Foods or you could head out to Sagaponack and taste them yourself 😉

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