Tips for Flying

Today I am flying to Florida.

Which means trains, planes and automobiles for a good chunk of my evening. I hate being in huge crowds of people, all rushing to get to the same spot. Hearing that out loud really makes me question why I live in NYC because they sound oddly similar.

Nonetheless traveling of any kind can be stressful so below I’ve listed some tips I’ve learned overtime to try and keep your pretty little head as stress free as possible.

Tip 1: Plan ahead. Living in NYC has taught me that you need at least a 30 minute buffer going anywhere due to public transportation issues. When I want to be a diva and have a little leftover money (ha, what’s that?) I’ll call myself an uber and save myself the trouble.

Tip 2: Pack some snacks! I eat a (mostly) Paleo diet so airport food usually isn’t the best. Not to mention it’s expensive AF. I always throw some snacks like fruit (apples, bananas, oranges) or some protein bars in my bag for an easily accessible snack.

Tip 3: Make sure your electronics are charged. Nothing worse than getting to the airport early (because you listened to tip #1) and then your phone dies. You are even worse off if you’re on a shitty airline that doesn’t offer you outlets on the plane. #firstworldproblems

Tip 4: Wear shit that is easy to take on and off. There is no one I hate more than that asshole at the airport who has to untie their sneakers, take off their belt, take out their nipple rings. Don’t be that guy. Really, don’t. But don’t also look like a slob either. There is a fine line between comfy and homeless.

My go to airport outfit is leggings, hoodie, sneakers that are tied lose enough to slide on and off, sunglasses and socks. ALWAYS wear socks because those airport floors are nasty.


Tip 5: Hit the bar. If all else fails and you fuck everything up and miss your flight or your phone dies or you just dressed like a fucking bum. Go to the bar. Just, go.

I’ll probably do #5 even if I get everything right. Happy travels bitches!

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