Tips On Planning Your 1st Vacation With a Boyfriend

My boyfriend’s name is Pete.

We had only been dating for about 4-5 months when we decided to book our first vacation together. First, we had these grand plans to go to Iceland for 10 days or go backpacking or some other crazy shit that we didn’t have the time to plan or the funds to make happen.

So tip 1: think of the easiest trip you could ever do. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE. Doing too much can lead to you having an anger filled vacation. No, thanks.

Tip 2: Make sure you both have a realistic budget in mind.

All-inclusive resorts can get pretty pricey so we chose a destination that was notorious for being cheap (Punta Cana). We each wanted to spend around $1,100 for flights + hotel for 5 nights and 6 days and if you’re not lazy and actually put in some time to researching when the best dates are to fly and comparing prices, you can TOTALLY make this happen.

Tip 3: be patient.

Traveling with someone for the first time can be extremely stressful, let alone that person is your significant other. Thankfully Pete and I are a match made in traveling heaven so we did not have any issues but I’m sure you will so just have patience.

Tip 4: Do not go on a trip with someone until you’re comfortable with them.

You have to realize couple vacations are super intimate and it’s typically only you two, together..every second of everyday for the whole trip. So you’re either going to have to be super sneaky about where you go poop or you’re going to have to be comfortable enough to not care. (May I suggest some Poo~pourri anyways..common courtesy)

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