Try These 5 Wine Bars in NYC

If there is two things NYC is good at it’s bars and food.

Those happen to be two things I’m really good at enjoying as well. 

As you can probably imagine there are a plethora of great, mediocre and shitty wine bars in New York City. I once heard a stat that there are enough bars and restaurants in NYC for one person to eat somewhere different every day for 54 years, without eating at the same place twice. It’s freaking ridiculous to be honest.  

Unless you live here you’re probably not going to find the good places on your own. You’ll need some help. I’ve given you some help right here. Check out my five favorite wine bars in NYC. I have a few more favorites but these ones are nicely spread out throughout Manhattan so hopefully by the time you’re ready for some wine, you’re close to one of these. Happy drinking.



CORKBUZZ WINE STUDIO  – Greenwich Village

Plain and simple why I love this place, the atmopshere. This place was created by a Master Somm named Laura Maniec who loves to share her knowledge of wine so much that CorkBuzz offers wine tasting classes for all levels of wine lovers. Classes vary in price but they all include cheese and bread (that’s enough for me!)


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.18.07 PM


Ayza is nicely located by my office in Midtown so this makes the perfect after work spot. They offer 90 different wines and champagnes and amazing food. If you check in on Yelp while you’re here you get a free glass of wine (which for a poor girl like me is all the reason I need to come here). They also offer fun nights like “ladies night out” and “date night” where they have specials going on. 




THE TEN BELLS – Lower East Side

Dimly lit, kind of sketchy but pretty freaking cool is the only way I can describe Ten Bells. All of the wines they serve here are produced from organic or biodynamic grapes with almost no intervention from the winemaker. Their wine list is from small producers and is pretty unusual, but awesome. And they serve tapas.. so yeah. You should check it out.



BRICIOLA – Hell’s Kitchen

Briciola is just perfect. It’s quietly nestled on West 51st in Hell’s Kitchen, away from all of the outrageously loud bars and clubs. Never fear tourists, it’s still located very close to the theatre district! See a show then get some bomb Italian food and wine. Seating is family style and the decor is top knotch. I mean just look at that photo above, it’s like you’re sitting in a wine cellar. Not only is the wine amazing here, but so is the food. 


vinateriaVINATERIA – Harlem

Vinateria is similar to Ten Bells in that most of their wines come from small producers where the wine maker has had a little to not interaction with the grapes. Same goes for their food. It’s organic and is bought locally when they’re able too. They pride themselves on being unpretentious, which makes you feel right at home. A lot of people don’t know about wine, but they’re more than willing to help.

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  1. My husband are traveling to NYC for a wedding later this summer and I will definately be checking some of these out! Always love a good wine bar reco 😉. Thanks for the post!