Vinome: This Isn’t Your Ordinary Wine Club

So, you don’t know what kind of wine you like.

Common problem. But, you totally wish there was a way you could just have someone tell you what you like. WELL GUYS DO I HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU. Welcome to 2017 where you can send away some of your salvia and have someone tell you what kind of wine you’d like based on your DNA. Isn’t science so cool?

Okay, so this is Vinome Wine Explorer powered by Helix. They use your DNA + your taste preferences to give you suggestions on what kind of wine you like. Vinome was created by a group of wine and science loving individuals. They’re like “Hey, if we can test people’s DNA for things like ancestry and health factors, why can’t we test for wine?”. And so, Vinome Wine Explorer powered by Helix was born. This is the first wine kit of it’s kind.

How it’s done

Step 1

First up, you order your Vinome kit (here) and register it online. Once you set up your online profile, it’s time to move onto step two (which is the fun/gross part).

Step 2

This is where we collect a sample of your saliva to be sent to the lab. They send you a tube in that pretty pink box and you’ve got to fill it up with saliva! You cannot eat or drink 30 minutes before you give your sample. If you need more direction, your profile online will also walk you through these steps.

Step 3

Once your sample is all sealed up but that baby in the mail. It takes around 6 weeks for your sample to be analyzed but Vinome, (via Helix) sends you cool emails along the way updating you on its progress and explaining what they are doing with it.

My Results

It turns out that I’m just who I thought I was. I’ve always been a “jam dunk”. I love those big bold flavors like chocolate, truffle, pepper and spice. It’s honestly insane how accurate this kit was. When it came to white wines, I was a “vibrant grove” aka I love a good crisp glass of wine.

The Wines

Vinome did send me three wines that matched my profile to test out. You can check out what I thought about the wines in the video below but here are all the details on them:

  • Hawley Old Vine Zinfandel 2014 – (This one was my favorite!!)
  • Leo Steen Chenin Blanc 2016 (I can never turn down a good Chenin)
  • Coupe de Foudre Les Bouquinistes 2014 (this is a wine club only wine, so make sure you join because it’s awesome ;))

My Thoughts

I think this would be a GREAT to try for someone who really wants to get into wine but just doesn’t know what they like. Yeah, the kit is a little pricey but spend the money now, learn what you like and save a ton of money in the long run by not buying wines you don’t like. I don’t know how many bottles of wine I dumped out when I was learning about wine because I just didn’t like it.

This is great for the wine lover as well. I knew I liked a lot of these flavors in wine but it also showed me some flavors I didn’t think I’d be into. It 100% opened my palette to try new things and I’m pretty pumped about that.

I also love getting to learn more about myself and my body (it’s the nerd/hypochondriac in me) so getting my DNA analyzed was awesome. 

Want to see what I thought of the wines? Check out my Vinome unboxing below.

This product was provided to me for free to try. All thoughts and words are my own honest opinion. 

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  1. Oh wow!! This is super neat!! I’m not much of a wine person (the majority of it tastes bitter to me – even the ones people claim is sweet). I’m more of a bourbon drinker. I think it would be cool to see what my results would be!

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