Ways To Up-Cycle Your Wine Bottles

It’s Earth Day!

I love this Earth because it gives us wine and cheese, so I’m always finding ways to repurpose and recycle things. Why let something end up in a landfill when you can make it into something cute af.Since I am Chel Loves Wine, I always have plenty of empty wine bottles (and corks!) on hand. I was in a sorority in college so you could say that I have done a fair amount of crafting in my day. You don’t have to be crafty to do these projects below, but like, it wouldn’t hurt if you know how to operate a glue gun and an a razor blade.

Check out my top 5 ways to up-cycle your wine bottles and corks. Please recycle and love our earth so we can keep drinking wine and being happy. 

1. Cork Planters – They’re little planters and magnets! These plants are SUPER low maintenance too so you will have a hard time killing them (even though I totally have). Inspired by the guys over at Upcyle That. Check out step by step instructions here.

Photo by Upcycle That


2. Wine Bottle Candles – Pick your favorite wine bottle, cut it in half and add wax. It’s that simple (not really) but you can get step by step instructions from Lovely Green here.

Photo by Lovely Greens


3. Fancy Cork Cork Board – You can arrange the corks in tons of cool patterns to really make it your own. Hardest part is drinking enough wine to make one of these! Check out instructions here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.20.09 PM


4. Twine Wrapped Bottles –  These make amazing center pieces and they’re super customizable. You can make painted ones like these or ones with decorations on them. I’m personally a fan of these ones! How pretty and cheesy all at once.

Photo from Pinterest


5. Dish Soap Bottle – Don’t be lame and just use the plastic bottle your dish soap comes in when you could be using something like this, that you made yourself. So easy and so trendy. See instructions here.

Photo By The Real Coake
Photo By The Real Coake


Alright guys! Go drink some wine so you can make all of these fun things! I must advise that you don’t attempt some of these crafts during or after drinking. I’m 0% responsible for any injuries you may incur. 


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  1. Chelsie I love the recycled wine bottle ideas…where can I find the soap dispenser?

  2. I’m late to the party but I love these ideas so much I just had to pin them. I’ll be making some of them asap. I’m also planning on making wine cork necklaces!

    1. Wine cork necklaces sounds amazing. You’ll have to send me a picture when you’re done because I’m super curious!