What is Orange Wine & Why Should You Try It

You may have seen orange wine floating around on social media lately. 

Maybe you thought it was a joke or maybe you thought it was Halloween themed, but orange wine is real and it’s hear to stay. So what exactly is orange wine? Is it made with oranges? Orange wine is made like red wine is, but with white grapes. The skins of the grapes are left with the grapes during the fermentation and aging process which produces an golden orange color. The color of the wine can range from a light orange color to intense golds and amber. 



As you can tell from the info graph, orange wine can have some pretty intense flavors. I found a range of wines to have a very earthy flavor, ranging from dirt to mushrooms. You’ll definitely want to be semi adventurous when trying these out.


Since the flavors of orange wine are so bold, it’s best to pair them with an equally as bold dish. Madeline Puckette, created of Wine Folly suggest you pair this wine with foods like Curry, Moroccan and Ethiopian cuisine, Korean dishes with fermented kimchi, and traditional Japanese cuisine. Since this wine is so bold it also pairs well with tons of different meats and fish. 

Photo from Snooth.com
Photo from Snooth.com


Orange wine can be made anywhere, but the highest producing countries currently are Italy, Slovenia, Georgia and The United States. Additional countries that have started producing these wines are Australia, France, Croatia, South Africa and Austria. 


Weingut Muster “Erde” 

Cullen “Amber” Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Pheasant’s Tears Mtsvane

2011 Kabaj Rebula

2013 Iago’s Wine Chinuri

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