What To Wear To A Vineyard

Dressing to go to a vineyard is half of the fun of the experience.

I’m not sure that there is anything better than putting on your most causal yet chic look at heading to a vineyard (or two or three) to taste some wine and enjoy the day. My go to looks are usually a maxi dress and gladiator sandals or a pair of wedges, lose top, jeans and a floppy hat. Check out my favorite pieces to wear to vineyards. These are more of a summer look but they can easily be paired with a cute jacket to make them weather friendly. 

What is your favorite vineyard piece?

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  1. O, the white dress! It is beaufiful. In my country – Hungary – there are many very good vineyards… I think it is time to check some of them… in such a wonderful dress.

Any comments?