When Your Spirit Animal is a 107-Year-Old Spanish Man

I don’t think I’ve ever had a true role model in life.

Sure, I’ve looked up to my mom and dad who are both kick ass, but they have different interests than me. Wine interests me. Shopping interests me. Cheese interests me.

So here I am reading the news and an article pops up on the International Business Times (of all places) “Spain: 107-year-old man attributed long life to drinking four bottles of red wine everyday” and I’m like no effing way, this man is a legend.

This legend’s name was Antonio Docampo Garcia from Vigo, Spain and according to this article he drank nearly FOUR freaking bottles of wine daily. You think Chel loves wine more like Tony loves wine.


Antonio Docampo Garcia

His son stated that they would go through 200 liters of wine a month. For us American’s that converts into about 53 gallons of wine a month. So you know those cheap ass Carlo Rossi gallon jugs of Sangria you’d buy in college (don’t say you didn’t because every single one of us did). Imagine drinking 53 of them a month. I barely made it through half of one before I was puking in the hallway of my freshman dorm.

Mr. Garcia only drank wine that he made from grapes produced at his vineyard, which are all organic, chemical and preservative free. He would produce about 60,000 liters a year and would keep 3,000 of them for himself. #goals

Slowly but surely more and more health benefits have been linked to the consumption of red wine (in moderation). Red wine has some good cholesterol in it which can help diabetics and those suffering with high cholesterol.

Unfortunately, Sir Antonio passed away this past January at the age of 107 and his son attributed his longevity to his love of red wine.

Rest in peace Antonio Docampo Garcia of Vigo, Spain. You are a hero and give hope to so many basic girls around the world.

You can read the whole article here.

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