The Anti-Wine Club, Wine Club: Vine District

Finally, a place to buy wine online.

I mean, I know there are tons of wine clubs where you can buy wine but I listened to you guys and I know the monthly commitment from wine clubs is way to much to do. I totally get it. Thankfully, there is a thing out there called Vine District and it’s the anti-wine club, wine club.

Vine District doesn’t require a subscription or monthly shipments. It’s just there for you to buy wine for yourself or to give as gifts. It’s everything you want about a wine club, without the commitment. 

The really cool thing about this company is that all of the wines come from California. Vine Direct is cutting out the middle man to bring you high quality California wines from eco-friendly vineyards, at a better price. There is something so elegant about getting a box of wine delivered to your guest, rather than just showing up with a bottle in a red bag with a Christmas tree on it. 


Each shipment comes in a sleek box with gold lettering (like above). Once you open up the box your gift message is inside along with some safely package wines. Did I mention that you get free shipping on purchases over $100? 

Every bottle on Vine Direct is appropriately priced to give as a gift. You don’t want to look like a cheapskate sending someone a $15 bottle of wine. I understand some of us babes are on a budget, but for a gift I’d try to say spend about $25, maybe even $30 if you really like th person. Vine District has bottles priced from $27-$80, with most on the lower end of that spectrum. 

I tried two of their wines to check out the whole process and I throughly enjoyed both of these and would suggest them for a perfect gift. 


Saddlerock Pinot Noir is on the fruitier side of the the Pinot Noir spectrum but insanely delicious. It is smooth and full of body. Definitely good for someone who is working their way into loving reds. 


Honey Pie is a fantastic white blend made up of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay with a hint of Muscat. This wine is floral on the nose, fruity on the palette, all with a crispy and clean finish. My kind of white wine if I do say so myself. Try pairing this wine with chicken.  



Just for you friends, use code CHELLOVESWINE20 – you can save 20% on your order with Vine District.

Doesn’t matter if it’s your first order or you’re 10th, save yourself 20%. 



This post was sponsored by Vine District. All thoughts and words are my own.

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  1. You know you’re a girl after my own heart! I totally need to check out Vine District. I mean, since I buy wine based on the label this should be easy, right?!?

  2. California wines are my faves so I will definitely be checking them out! Sounds like an awesome place to order some vino!

  3. This seems pretty cool, but I’m still a fan of tasting clubs that help you expand your palate. I’m still pretty new with wine so buying online is like buying in the store – crazy, scary and confusing. Scary because who the heck knows if I’m drinking a bottle of schwill or not!

    I’d love it if you could email me so we can talk about a potential post you can write every month! Let me know. Cheers.