The Wine Gift Giving Guide For This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast upon us.

And wine is one of the easiest and best gifts to give. Wine is practical and thoughtful, yet fun and exciting. It’s appropriate for dinner parties, social gatherings, house warming or just as a Christmas (or which ever holiday you celebrate) gift. 

Since there are SO many options, I talked to some of the top wine influencers in the world on what their favorite bottle of wine to give for the holidays is, along with some of my own suggestions. 



@Wine is one of the funniest guys on Instagram and his favorite bottle to give for the holidays is Folktale Sparkling Wine Rosé NV. On the nose this rosé smells like watermelon and kiwi and has notes of cherry and floral on the palette. It’s definitely a wine to help the recipient get through these brutal winter months. ($42)




@Backthisglassup is based in LA and runs an awesome Instagram with an even cooler name. She suggests giving a bottle of Chateau La Coste Bellugue. Do you sense the rosé theme here? ($22)




Bjorn is one of the coolest wine guys around with an impressive Instagram of the wines he has tried and the places he has been. He’s based in Germany, so naturally he suggested one of the best German Rieslings as the gift you should give this year. Check out a bottle of Dönnhoff Riesling ($52)





My friends from down under have one of the most influential Instagram’s around – so you know their recommendation is going to be good. @Winewankers recommends the Bin 389 from Penfolds Wines. It’s an awesome blend of Shiraz and Cabernet. You can read more about this wine here. ($60)




@Onceuponawine is based out of Sydney, Australia and always has the best recommendations when it’s comes to wine, restaurants, products and events. Joe suggests Rebel Coast Winery’s Reckless Love as the ultimate gift. I mean, this bottle speaks for itself. ($30)




This wine is on the top of the gift giving price spectrum (for me at least) but man is it a good one. It will knock your socks off. The Cheateau Lynch-Bages Vintage 2010 ($170)




Australia has amazing wine and @simply.wines captures the best ones around. If you’re looking for a pricier bottle of wine, they recommend giving Giaconda Chardonnay. This Chardonnay is from the Beechworth region in Australia and the price of this bottle based on the year, with the oldest bottles costing the most. ($92 for 2015)




This girl is traveling all over the world, drinking the best wines and eating the best foods. Her recommendation is nothing short of fantastic.  Wine Teller suggests giving a bottle of 2006 Giuseppe Quintarelli Amarone della Valpolicella Classico ($260)




Oh wait, that’s me. It’s well known that I love wine with a cool label and a great taste and this one fits the bill perfectly. This is the Woodstock Collection Kaleidoscope Merlot via Vine District and it’s so fantastic. It’s a full bodied Merlot with dark fruit flavors, a nice smooth finish of tobacco ($40)


Another red suggestion would be Mullan Road Cellar’s Red Wine Blend. I think red blends are safe to give as gifts because they appeal to a greater group of people. This Bordeaux-style blend is fantastic – definitely a crowd (and wallet) pleaser ($42)
image004 And for a white wine suggestion – I’d say pick up a bottle of Ca Maiol Molin. I’ve talked about this wine before and it can be difficult to get in the United States, but if you can get your hands on a bottle it will make the perfect gift. Don’t let the dark bottle fool you, this is a white wine, an award winning one at that. ($40)


Don’t like any of these suggestions? Head to Vine District and use code “CHELLOVESWINE20” for 20% some bottles of wine. You can also read more about Vine District here. 

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  1. Wine is one of my favorite gifts to give AND receive! I’m going to have to try Mullan Road Cellar’s Red Wine Blend – looks delicious!

    – Kaitlin

  2. I love a good glass of wine and you’ve got some great choices listed here. I’ve never considered giving a bottle of wine as a gift and I don’t know why because my friends LOVE wine. I’m so gifting wine this year. Thanks!!