Wine Lover’s Halloween Costume Inspiration

Picking out a Halloween costume is always so difficult.

I’m not a huge Halloween fan to start with (unlike my girl Alicia who starts planning her costumes a year in advance). So, picking out what I want to be each year is always a process that results in me making up a last minute costume. I think the last 5 years I’ve been a slew of animals and professions. You can only be a bat so many years in a row. I’m sure a ton of you are in the same boat as me so I have come to you bearing inspiration, wine costume themed inspiration that is.

These 5 wine themed halloween costumes are simple, funny AF and cheap. A little creatively and glue can take you a long way. If you’re not creative, have a few glasses of wine and soon you’ll be feeling like Martha Stewart (pre-jail). 

1. Grapes


Grapes are classic wine. Just blow up your choice of purple or green (or red in this case) balloons and attach them to your body. Create the look of a bunch of grapes by having more grapes up top and tapering them down to a point. 

2. Franzia Box


Get directions here.

3. Your Favorite Bottle of Wine


It’s as simple s printing out your favorite wine label, making a cork hat from construction paper and dressing in all red, white or pink (depending on your favorite wine!) and presto! You’ve got a costume. 

4. Wine & Cheese (couples costume) 


Easily constructed with a cardboard box and some paint! This would easily be the best couples costume around.


5. Wine Snob


Be everything Chel Loves Wine hates! Be a wine snob! You simply need some fancy looking clothes, an ascot and to act like you’re above everyone else all night! 

I hope that everyone has an amazing (and safe!) Halloween! Drink lots of wine! Make sure to follow me on snapchat and instagram to see my wine filled halloween antics!

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  1. HAHHAA!!! These are great!!! I don’t know why I haven’t thought of being a bottle of wine! Seems easy to do!

    – Stephanie

  2. Well I’m sat here drinking a glass of wine as I read this so that was good timing! These costume ideas made me laugh so much. I LOVE the grapes and the Franzia box. I can’t imagine that there’ll be many balloons left by the end of the night though lol!