Chel’s Wine School: Wine Pronunciation 101

Wine can be difficult sometimes.

That’s why Chel has created the first ever course at Chel’s Wine School. Welcome to “Wine Pronunciation 101” students. Please sit down and take out your notebooks, there will be a quiz next class. Here is how to properly pronounce 55 different types of wine. I expect you to study up so the next time you’re at a restaurant you can confidently order that bottle of Viogner.

Lambrusco (lam-broos-co)

Riesling (REESE-ling)

Pinot Noir (pee-no nwar)

Grüner Veltliner (GREW-ner FELT-lee-ner)

Sémillon (sem-ee-yawn)

Carignan (care-in-yen)

Carménère (car-men-nair)

Rosé (rose-aye)

Cava (kah-vah)

Champagne (sham-pain)

Prosecco (pro-seh-co)

Albariño (alba-reen-yo)

Muscadet (muss-kuh-day)

Pinot Gris (pee-no gree)

Sauvignon Blanc (saw-veen-yawn blonk)

Soave (swa-vay)

Vermentino (vur-men-tino)

Gewürztraminer (ga-veertz-tram-ee-ner)

Chardonnay (shar-dun-nay)

Marsanne (mar-sohn)

Viognier (vee-own-yay)

Chenin Blanc (shen-in blonk)

Muscat Blanc (mus-kot blonk)

Torrontés (torr-ron-TEZ)

Gamay (gam-may)

Barbera (bar-BEAR-uh)

Cabernet Franc (cab-err-nay fronk)

Grenache (grenn-nosh)

Mencía (men-thee-uh)

Merlot (murr-low)

Montepulciano (mon-ta-pull-chee-anno)

Negroamaro (neg-raw-amaro)

Rhône (roan)

Sangiovese (san-jo-vay-zay)

Valpolicella (val-polla-chellah)

Zinfandel (zin-fan-dell)

Anglianico (alli-yawn-nico)

Bordeaux (bore-doe)

Cabernet Sauvignon (cab-er-nay saw-vin-yawn)

Malbec (mal-bek)

Mourvèdre (moore-ved)

Nebbiolo (nebby-oh-low)

Nero D’Avola (nair-oh davo-la)

Petit Verdot (peh-tee vur-doe)

Petit Sirah (peh-teet sear-ah)

Pinotage (pee-no-taj)

Syrah (sear-ah)

Tempranillo (temp-rah-nee-oh)

Touriga Nacional (tor-ee-gah nah-see-un-nall)

Madeira (mad-deer-uh)

Marsala (mar-sal-uh)

Port (port) lol

Sauternais (sow-turn-aye)

Sherry (share-ee)

Vin Santo (Vin son-tow)


Shout out to Wine Folly’s Wine Guide for all the pronunciations.

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  1. OK this is PERFECT for me! My parents are so ashamed but I have the hardest time pronouncing wines LOL. Whenever I’m ordering from a menu, I just point. This is so helpful.


  2. I feel like this should be a basic skill every adult has! I have to admit if I don’t know how to pronounce something I’ll Google it before I’d attempt saying it outloud! I drink enough wine to know better haha! (I pinned this for future reference too!)